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Track 'n Trade Bulls 'n Bears Trading System

What is the Bulls 'n Bears?

Video Transcript

The Bulls 'n Bears is based on a very simple premise. The premise that markets can only do 3 things, they can go up, they can go down, or they can go sideways. But knowing when a market is about to rise, fall, or stay neutral, is key to our trading success. We here at Gecko Software have developed a complete trading strategy, based on what we call the Bulls 'n Bears red light, green light, methodology. The mathematical side of the Bulls 'n Bears is based on 4 very sophisticated, hyperbolically linked formulas. But the actual mathematical formulas which derive the signals from the markets. They're only half the solution. The magic of the Bulls 'n Bears is actually the methodology that lies beneath the math. The secret is how we decide when and how to enter, and then exit the markets, based on the information provided by the mathematics.

The Bulls 'n Bears system was designed to provide us with a completely graphical representation of market movement. We actually show you visually, right on the chart, every buy and sell signal generated. We also show you visually, if the market is currently trading in a Bull market, a Bear market, or if it's in a Neutral market. Knowing just those three simple characteristics, can give you a tremendous advantage when determining any trading strategy.

Keep it simple. If you receive a Yellow price bar, followed by a green price bar- it's time to prepare for a Bullish trend. If you get a Yellow price bar, followed by a Red price bar- it's time to prepare for a Bearish trend.

It really doesn't get much more difficult than this. Of course, we have a number of advanced strategies we'll teach you as well. Such as- what is a Bearish Buy signal, or what is a Bullish Sell signal? How to place a Stop order, not only to enter or exit the market, but how to maximize your profit potential. Learning the little nuances of trading is where you'll find your greatest success. The Bulls 'n Bears method of trading is a quick and simple way of helping you maximize your own personal profit potential.

Here's a screen capture of the Bulls 'n Bears system in action. Notice that we actually changed the color of the price bars to Red, Yellow, and Green. Red means the market is been a Bearish or down trend. Yellow means the market is currently Neutral, and Green of course means the market prices are rising through a Bullish trend.

Let me show you another screen capture of the Bulls 'n Bears Trading System in action. This is where the Bulls 'n Bears really starts to excel. By adding the Blue light to our system, we now have dynamic relationship between the entry points of the Red Light/Green Light formulas and the exit points of the parabolic stop system. We've actually developed a hyperbolic relationship between these two very powerful formulas. Which allows you to trade with a much greater degree of confidence than ever before. As the market moves up or down in the trend, the Blue light follows the trend with a calculated degree of risk. Giving the market just enough breathing room to grow. But holding tight on the reins to get you out of the market as the market reverses, and changes directions. This feature allows us to maximize our profit potential through a dynamically calculated stop and risk management system.

One important point I want to make regarding Gecko Software's Track 'n Trade Software Platforms, is that the Bulls 'n Bears works on three markets- Stocks, Futures, and Forex. Because our software expansion packs are universal, they work on three platforms, for one low price.

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