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The Accounting Tab

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to cover the Accounting Tab. The Accounting Tab is where we enter our trade information when tracking and trading our Live market trades.

Remember: In the Stocks version of Track 'n Trade, any order placed here, is for tracking and trade simulation only. These orders will not be placed into the real live market.

This feature allows us to not only track our live money trades, but it also allows us to perform historical trade simulation. Giving us the ability to practice our trading skills through our historical trade simulator. Which will be covered in more depth in another video.

You'll notice that over here we have the, but you'll notice that in this tab, we have here at the top, we have a tic by tic quote window. Now, you'll notice that this is also 20 minutes delayed. But it is live tics as they come across the market, and you'll notice that the last bar is moving up and down as the market progresses throughout the day, but it is 20 minutes delayed.

We also have the Order Placement Dialogue Box. Again, this is where we place the order to either simulate trading, and we're going to show you that in another video, or to track your live trades. This is where you would say, I purchased some stock, I want to track it within Track 'n Trade, so you can enter the number of stock shares that you purchased here, and then we will track them through Track 'n Trade. You can see representation of them on the screen as the market moves forward through time.

The next thing you'll notice down here in the bottom is, where the key information for the individual stock is. This is where you find the information such as the Name, the Symbol, the Exchange that it's traded on, what type of an Equity or Instrument it is, the Market Open and Close times, etc. etc. You have a number of statistical information given to you about each individual stock symbol in this key area here.

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