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The Charts Tab

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to cover the Chart Tab. The Chart Tab is where you'll see a list of the Stocks symbols you have open in your chart book. Adding new symbols to the chart book is as simple as coming up to the symbol dialogue box, and typing in your new symbol.

For example: we may want caterpillar. You know that the symbol for caterpillar is CAT. So, we type in CAT, click Open and that adds the new chart to our chart book called CAT or caterpillar over here in our first chart tab, or our chart tab list. You'll also notice that we have the ability of coming up here and searching for a symbol. Let's say for example, we don't know what the symbol for Apple is, so we can just type in Apple, and we're going to hit Open. It comes up and says, I don't recognize that as a Stocks Symbol, would you like to search? So, we say Yes. It pulls it up, pre-fills the Apple Symbol, you say search, and it comes up and it gives you a number of selections that you may want, which equals Apple. So, we are looking for Apple Inc. right here on the Nasdaq, so we're going to click on that one, or hit OK. It then open up Apple and adds it to our chart book.

There are a number of things you can do in addition to the Symbol, the Name, and the Change. If we slide this window open just a little bit further, you can see that we have additional information in here. We have the Trend, which is telling you whether the trend is Neutral, Bullish or Bearish, also, a Color Symbol which gives you the same information. Then, we tell you the exchange that the symbol is being traded upon. You'll also notice that we have arrows indicating whether the stock is up for the day or down for the day, and the change percentage.

We also have a position. You'll notice a position column in here. The reason we have a position in here, is because Track 'n Trade has the ability to track your trades. So, if you make a trade in the real market, you can enter that information into Track 'n Trade, and it will calculate your profits and losses. You can see the position is either long or short, and whether it's profitable or not, in this column here.

To switch between charts, all we have to do is click on the symbol that we're interested in, and you can see that it populates the chart over here in the chart window.

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