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The Preferences Tab

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to cover the Preferences Tab. The Preferences Tab is where we make changes to the factory default settings within Track 'n Trade. You'll notice this is the 5th tab along the row of tabs across the top. This tab, although it looks like it might be a little bit complicated, it is really quite simple.

If you just come down through it and read the information, you can see very simply that it is broken down into categories and into sections. This is the Chart Type, the different Chart Settings. As we scroll down, we now have Ruler Options, we then have Charting Colors. As you come down a little bit further we have the Price Bar Colors, then we have the Highlights and those types of things. We have On-Screen Indicator Information. So, it's not as complicated as it looks, but this is also a very dynamic tab, in that this will give you preferences for any tool.

One thing that we try not to do in Track 'n Trade is to pop-up information boxes or dialogue boxes over the top of our trading chart. We try to eliminate doing that as much as possible, so all of these settings, as many as we can possible put, are done over here in this one tab. As long as this tab is selected, if you click on anything within Track 'n Trade, the preferences for that tool or that item will show up and change dynamically over here in the Preferences Tab.

For example, if we want to see the preferences for our Flag Tool, just simply clicking on the Flag Tool, while having that Preferences Tab selected, you'll notice we'll switch the tab to be the Preferences for the Flag Tool.

Let's say that we want to see the preferences for the Elliott Wave, well, if we click on the Elliott Wave Tool, the preferences for the Elliott Wave Tool then appear. If we click on the Fibonacci Ruler, same thing. If we click on the chart itself, let's get the arrow and go back to the chart, if we click on the chart itself, of course, we go back to the default settings.

What about Indicators, if we click on an Indicator, it pulls up the settings for an indicator over here in this Preferences Tab. So, as you can see, very dynamic. We also, again, we want to pop up as few items over the top of the chart to hide the chart, as possible. That's what this dynamic Preferences Tab allows us.

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