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How to add indcators

Video Transcript

In Track 'n Trade, we have two different styles of indicators. Overlay indicators, that lay directly over the top of our price bars, (which we discuss in another video) as well as traditional oscillating indicators that display directly beneath the chart itself. In this video, I want to demonstrate how to access our traditional oscillating indicators beneath the chart and how to adjust their settings.

If we look at the chart, we'll notice that down below the chart itself we have a box that generally, by default, displays the volume, or the volume indicator. If we right click in this box, this is how we control or access a list of all the oscillating indicators within Track 'n Trade. By hovering over any indicator, then clicking on it and selecting it will add it to the box below the chart. If we would like to turn off one of the indicators, so we only have one displayed at a time, we can right click again inside of that chart, and hover over the one we don't want. Let's say we want to turn off Volume, click it, and it just removes it from the box.

Now, let's say we would like to have two indicators turned on simultaneously. Very simply, come in here, right click over the chart in the right click menu. You can come down here to Indicator Window, and we can choose a different indicator. Let's come back down, let's choose the Momentum Indicator. A momentum indicator, and you'll see that it adds an additional box to the chart.

By adjusting this window, we can increase, or decrease the size of those indicators, relative to the chart itself. Now, again, if we would like to add another indicator to one of these windows, we can do so by right clicking, coming in and turning on let's say Volume for example, then we have two indicators inside of one window.

Now, to access the Preferences for each individual indicator, we simply come over here, and we click the little tile that's associated with the indicator we're interested in. If we click on the Volume Tile, you'll notice that over here in the Preferences Tab, the Volume Preferences appear. If we want to see the momentum, we simply click the Momentum Indicator. Then, the Momentum Tile will bring up the Momentum Settings. If we wanted to see the Mac-D again, just click on the Mac-D tile, and it will bring up the settings for the Mac-D. If we would like to remove them, very simply we just right click, come up to the one we have checked in that box, click on it, and it will remove it from the list.

This is how we access and manage our oscillating indicators, within Track 'n Trade Stocks.

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