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How to add overlays

Video Transcript

In Track 'n Trade, we have two different styles of Indicators. We have what are known as Traditional Oscillating Indicators, which are located down in the lower window underneath the chart. We have Overlay Indicators, which are Indicators that lay over the top of the actual Price Bars.

In this video, we want to demonstrate how to turn on and off our Overlay Indicators, and how to access their settings. To turn on an Overlay Indicator, we simply right click on the chart. You can see in the right click menu, we have Chart Overlays. In this list, you can see all the different Overlays that are available within Track 'n Trade.

We also have some Proprietary Indicators. You can see up here in the top, if you have purchased or have access to these Indicators, the Proprietary Indicators, they will be listed in the top list. Then, in the lower list, are the standard Overlay Indicators within Track 'n Trade.

To turn on an Overlay Indicator, very simply just hover over the name, and click. It turns this Indicator on. Now, if you have the 5th tab selected: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, which is the Preferences Tab, you'll notice that when you turn that Indicator on, the Preferences appear for that particular Indicator. We also have a little tile down here, in the right hand corner. If you click that tile at anytime, it will also bring you to the settings for that particular Indicator.

Of course, you can have more than one Overlay Indicator turned on at any given time. To do that, of course, we would just right click on the chart, come down here to Chart Overlays, and turn on an Additional Indicator. So, we can come down here, and let's say we want to turn on the Moving Averages. We can click Moving Averages, that's going to turn the Moving Averages on at the same time that we have the Advantage Lines turned on. So, we have two different styles of Overlay Indicators turned on simultaneously.

Now, to access the different settings, we can either click the tiles to go between the moving averages, and the advantage lines, back to the moving averages to the advantage lines by clicking these tiles. Or in the right click menu, you have the ability to come into the Overlay Preferences. You can come to Advantage Lines this way, or Overlay Preferences to the Moving Averages.

You have two different ways to access the settings of the Overlay Indicators.

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