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How to Use the Historical Simulator & Trade Tracker

Video Transcript

In this video, I want to demonstrate for you how to use the Trade Tracker, along with the Historical Simulator within Track 'n Trade.

The first thing you'll notice is that we have over here, on the right hand side of the chart, this little green button. This little green button tells us that the market is played to the very last price bar or the very last time and the very last day that's it's available to us through the market. The ability to go back in time, or the Historical Trade Simulator gives us the ability to move the chart forward and back with play controls like you find in a VCR. Now, to activate those and turn those on, we just simply click this green button, and we turn it red. Having this been turned on red, tells us that we are now in Trade Tracker, or Historical Trade Simulator Mode.

We have several controls over here, of course, just the simple play controls, allows us to move the chart back in time, just like this. I'm clicking the mouse button every time I click the market goes back in time for me. If I move the chart forward, you'll notice that these are no longer greyed out down here, I have data ahead of me, out into the future. So, I can move the chart forward in time. I can move the chart forward in time, until the play controls completely grey out. At that point, I no longer have any data available to me, out into the future.

I can now control this by moving forward and back using these play controls. I also have this jump control here, or our play to date. Let's say I want to play back to January 1st of 2015. I simply click the play-to date, I find the date that I want the chart to be played to, January 5th 2015, then we hit Okay. It's going to put us right to that time frame.

Let's do this, let's come in and let's say for example I bought- I'm going to say we bought some Apple stock right here at this level, right off of these indicators. So, we're going to play the chart back to that time frame, place an order, move the chart forward and see how would have done. Track our trade, basically is what we're saying. We're going to come in here, and there are a number of ways we can move the chart back there. Again, we can identify the date, and this is October 20th 2014. We can click the date bar by coming and finding the date, and moving the chart back to that date. Or we can play the chart backwards, just simply by playing the play controls, or we can right click on the chart on this particular day. You'll notice in the right click menu, there's a short-cut, it says play to October 21st 2014. So, we go ahead and we click on that. It brings the chart back to that particular day.

Now, let's say that I bought 100 shares of Apple on that day, okay? So, let's come in and I'm going to show you the Accounting package. The first thing we'll do is come to the second tab, and you'll notice this is where we place our orders for the Trade Tracker and for the Trade Simulator. But we need Accounting, we need to know how much money we're making. Well, that's hidden down here in the bottom screen. Now, this is how you get to it. You just come down here, and you see this bright wide grey bar down there? You just hover your mouse over there. Then, slide that window up. Hold the mouse button down and slide it up. That reveals your Accounting Window.

Now, you'll notice over here in the left-hand side, you have a number of different buttons that describe what goes on inside of these windows. So, we have all of our Working Orders, our Open Orders, our Closed Orders, our Account Activity. We have any deposits we've made, and any withdrawals we might make.

This is our withdrawal window. So, we're going to come in here, now, if we want to buy 100 shares of Apple stock on this particular day, we have to have a deposit of some money. We have to have to put money in the first place. There are two ways we can do that. First of all, we can come in and we can say, I want to place a deposit by coming in and putting our deposit in there, and saying well, this is a time machine. Let's come in and say on October 1st, we put in $50,000.00, okay?

Now, we have some rules down here that you can either have enforced or not, depending on your account. Whether we want to enforce a ten cent rule, whether we want to trade with cash, or we want to trade on margin. I'm just going to trade on cash. We're going to go ahead and hit Okay. We've put in our $50,000.00 on October 1st. This is going to show us a credit in our Account Activity. Here you can see an Account Activity, here, we have our $50,000.00, and I'm going to come in and place my order for 100 shares of Apple stock. I'm just going to do it with a Market Order, place that in there, I'm going to buy those. Go ahead and hit Place The Order. It then puts a little marker on the screen, so that you can see where you actually got into the market.

We're going to go ahead and step that forward. You can see I was filled, and we can now march the market forward through time, and it's going to calculate our profits and losses down here in the Accounting Window.

So, we have Account Activity, we have our Working Orders, our Open Orders, our Closed Orders. This is our Open Order, and this where we're at right now. We're up 15% on our trade. You can see that this is now tracking a trade that we made.

You can also see that this would be a nice way of doing a trade simulation. You could come back in time, and start analyzing the market, a historical market. Using indicators, and your drawing tools, your recurring price patterns, your head & shoulders patterns, 123 patterns, your moving averages, your stochastics, whatever tools you want to use to help you make your trading decisions, and then you could put the simulated order in here. You can move the market forward, move your stops, move your limits. You can see if you could make money. You can do a historical trade simulation play, like this, and then you can practice in the past to profit in the future.

That's the idea of the Historical Trade Simulator, being able to not only track the current trades that you have in the live market, but to be able to come back and actually do simulated trading, as well.

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