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Moving Averages

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to cover how to access one of tradings most popular Indicators. The simple moving average lines.

In Track 'n Trade, the simple moving average lines are of course an Overlay. To access Overlay Indicators, we right click on the chart, which pulls up the right click menu. We slide down to Chart Overlays, slide down to Moving Averages, and then simply click on that line item. This opens up, or accesses the default moving average lines. As you an see displayed here. To access the settings for the moving averages, we can come down here to this right hand corner and click the tile titled MA. This will switch us over to the Preferences Tab and display the preferences for the Moving Average Lines.

We can also- let's say we're back over on the first tab, we can right click on the chart, slide down to Overlay Preferences. Because they're already active, we will have an Overlay Preferences selection in here called Moving Averages. If we click on that, it too will bring us over to the Preferences Tab and display the preferences for the Moving Averages.

As we go down through the Moving Averages, you can see that we can have multiple Moving Averages on simultaneously. Averages 3, Averages 4, Averages 5, and so on.

That's just a quick demonstration of how to turn on multiple Moving Averages within Track 'n Trade.

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