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How to Open a Chart

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to demonstrate simply how to open a chart within Track 'n Trade Stocks. If we look up here at the top row, you'll notice at the very end there's a symbol with a drop-down, and an Open button. Very simply, just type in the symbol that you would like to open. For example, if we would like to open up IBM, we just type in IBM. That's the symbol for IBM. We hit Open. It's going to retrieve the data for IBM and display that in the chart. It will also add it to the first tab over here, as you can see in our list.

If we come in here and we don't know the symbol for a stock, let's say for example we don't know the symbol for Apple, we can just type in Apple, and we hit Open. It's going to up come up and say, We don't know that as a symbol. Apple is not a Stock symbol. Would you like us to search? We say, Yes. It opens up this search dialogue box, prefills the search screen with what you typed up here as the symbol. You can either change that or leave it the way it is, and then hit Search. It then is going to go out and pull up all the symbols that have something to do with Apple.

Now, we're looking for Apple Inc., right here: AAPL, so, we can either just double click it here, or we can highlight it and hit Okay. It then goes out, retrieves the data, and displays the chart Apple for us.

That's just a quick example of how to open a chart within Track 'n Trade Stocks.

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