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Get Easy-To-Use Trading Software From Track 'n Trade

For many investors, both new and seasoned, the market can sometimes be a relatively overwhelming and confusing ground to navigate. There's a constant barrage of news, information and opinions being thrown at you every time you'd like a little analysis or advice, and with so many professionals putting in their opinions that it can be tempting to just play your luck and guess. That's why Track 'n Trade created a unique, easy-to-use, visual-based trading software that helps both brand new and long-time investors efficiently analyze the market and make decisions about where they want to invest their money.

The first version of Track 'n Trade was created in 1998 due to a lack of quality analytical tools available at the time. Ever since the original platform was released it has been continuously modified and updated for the current electronically traded markets with input from some of the industry’s top traders and market analysts. This newest version of trading software is now known as Track 'n Trade LIVE.

Along the way, Track 'n Trade has revolutionized the manner in which people trade the financial markets, with trading software that helps them practice until they’re fully comfortable and confident enough to put their own money in and start making real investments. Its wide range of tools and features make it easy for both new and advanced individuals to use, utilizing a visual-based approach that is less confusing and overwhelming.

There are three main types of trading software available from Track 'n Trade: LIVE Futures, LIVE Forex, and Stocks. Each one comes with a variety of different features and resources that further help users with their investments, technical analysis tools such as Fibonacci and Elliot Wave, and all three include a wide range of customizable options that add to the convenience of the software. Each program also emphasizes simplicity, with aspects such as easy-to-read, user-definable buy/sell signals and several additional features that focus on making it straightforward and uncomplicated for individuals to perform an analysis, understand the data and utilize it to make their investments. Whatever market you prefer, Track 'n Trade has the trading software that can help you.

Each of the three Track 'n Trade programs include robust industry leading as well as exclusive proprietary plug-ins when a user signs up for a complementary trial. While this varies based on which one is selected, one consistent plug-in is the award winning Bulls 'n Bears Trading System, which uses a proprietary formula to generate customizable buy/sell signals, as well as a Red Light/Green Light illumination of price bars, a ribbon indicator that displays trend strength, advantage lines, and much more.

Whether you're new to the market or have been investing for years, it can be a confusing and overwhelming process to decide where to put your money. Easy-to-use trading software from Track 'n Trade can help, with its wide range of features and focus on simplicity. To learn more about their software, or to get a free 14-day trial and try for yourself, visit today.