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Get the Ultimate Futures Trading Software for the Visual Investor With LIVE Futures From Track 'n Trade

Trading the futures market can be a pretty overwhelming prospect, whether you're new to it or have been making investments for years. There are always a wide range of factors to take into account: What looks good today? What’s been projected to do well? What hasn't? The subsequent search for an analysis can be equally confusing, with varying personal and professional opinions dictating what different individuals think are worth a hefty investment or a pass, and all of this can lead to a considerable amount of uncertainty for both new and experienced investors. That's why Track 'n Trade has LIVE Futures, the ultimate futures trading software and platform that makes it simpler to analyze, choose and invest in the futures market.

The first version of Track 'n Trade was created in 1998 for the futures and commodities markets due to a lack of good analytical tools for individual investors at the time. This original creation has been continuously modified and updated for the current electronically traded futures markets with input from some of the industry’s top traders and market analysts. The newest version of futures trading software is now known as Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures.

The software has revolutionized the way people analyze and trade the futures market. It allows individuals new to trading (or those who want test a new strategy) to practice in a simulated account until they feel confident enough to invest their own real money, the software comes with a wide range of features that make it simpler to read the data and make investments, such as the interactive chart that gives users the ability to place trades directly on the chart itself. That's why this futures trading software is considered “The Ultimate Trading Platform, Designed for the Visual Investor”.

Track 'n Trade further strives for simplicity and convenience in its design with helpful features like live streaming data, real-time monthly and weekly options data, live DOM (Depth of Market) trading, fast order execution buttons, market entry, exit, and OCO (One Cancels Other) orders with a single mouse click, and of course, the simple yet powerful graphical user interface. It also allows users to see Fibonacci projections and extensions, provides easy-to-read, user-definable buy/sell signals, and easy-to-use charting and notation tools. Adding more to its ability as a simple and convenient futures trading software, it also lets users save their analysis from day-to-day so they can track their futures and options trades in order to monitor their progress; provides risk/reward calculators so users can manage their risk assessment for any trade; and allows for customization based on user needs, with every indicator offering complete customization.

Trading in the futures market can be an overwhelming experience, whether you're new or experienced. With LIVE Futures from Track 'n Trade, you'll get a wide range of features that make it simple and convenient to get market analysis and choose your investments in an easy-to-use graphical interface. To get a free 14-day trial and see why this is the ultimate futures trading software for the visual investor, visit and download your no obligation, all-access demo today!