Get Started Trading Futures

Track ‘n Trade is my #1 recommended futures trading platform

This award winning platform brings your charting and trading into one comprehensive and easy-to-use trading platform – simplifying trading so you can master it.

  • Visualize Your Trades
    Track ‘n Trade Futures is the best trading platform for visualizing your trades based on market action. The on-screen trading and visual display helps you to quickly see important support and resistance levels for your futures and options trades.
  • Proprietary Indicators
    Includes proprietary Bulls ‘n Bears trading system with customizable buy/sell signals found nowhere else. This provides a systematic approach to trading and when it comes time to sell, our custom technical alerts will help you time your exits like a pro.
  • Advanced Order Management
    The advanced order placement capabilities (stops, limits, OCO’s, OTO’s, OTOCO’s, etc.) gives you the ability to set pre-determined trade entries & exits directly on your charts.
  • Easy and Intuitive
    Track ‘n Trade is intuitive and easy-to-use and was designed for the best overall user experience. Our seamless on-screen order entry and modification makes sure you can analyze and place your trades quickly.

Gain an edge in your trading with professional-grade charts, ease of trading, and fast trade executions. Get started with a free trial of Track ‘n Trade now and gain access to the live markets in a risk-free $50,000 futures simulated trading account.