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Track 'n Trade Is The Ultimate Trading Machine, Designed For The Visual Investor. A simple, yet powerful graphical user interface is the key to Track 'n Trade's winning success.

Track 'n Trade Graphical Trading Environment was designed by top industry experts, and professional traders who require the most liquid trading environment for lightening fast and easy order management and execution.

Track 'n Trade Advanced Tools:

Adding Dozens of Advanced Tools and Additional Indicators to Track 'n Trade, tools such as:

  1. Elliott Wave
  2. Fibonacci Rulers
  3. Fan's & Arcs
  4. Andrews Pitchfork with Schiff & Fibonacci
  5. Gann Fan Tools

Advanced Indicators such as:

  1. Gator & Alligator
  2. Donchian Channels
  3. Zig Zag, Automatic Fibonacci & Elliott Wave
  4. Pivot Points, (Secret Floor Trader Numbers)
  5. ATR, Bollinger Bands, Chaikin Money Flow
  6. Keltner Bands, & PSAR...

And this list goes on and on...

Track 'n Trade Bulls 'n Bears Plug-in:

Bulls 'n Bears is a proprietary trading package with several custom indicators designed for the visual investor.

The Red Light, Green Light, Yellow Light System has four hyperbolically linked indicators designed to identify a change in trend from Neutral to Bullish, and from Neutral to Bearish.

The Blue Light System is a hyperbolically linked Stop Loss Order Placement tool designed to  help you know where to place loss orders.

The Ribbon Indicator, or Rainbow is a series of moving averages that help the trader filter out less profitable buy/sell signals from traditional indicators.

As part of the Bulls ‘n Bears System, we also include the Advantage Lines Trading System; a mathematically altered moving average hybrid system that gives early entry signals, with very little whipsaw.

Track 'n Trade Historical Trade Sim. Plug-in:

The ability to practice in the past to profit in the future is key to any traders long-term success.

With Track ‘n Trade’s historical trade simulator, we allow you to go back in time, like a time machine and begin trading any stock from any historical date forward.

These capabilities are done through the use of a system of play controls, and sophisticated simulated accounting systems, allowing you to step the market forward, “One Tic At A Time.”

Rather than waiting 5, 10, or even 15 minutes for each new price bar, with Track ‘n Trade’s historical trade simulator, you can trade a any time frame, including daily markets, receive one new price bar with each click of the mouse.

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