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Track 'n Trade Plug-ins

Which Plug-ins Work With My Version of Track 'n Trade?

Plug-In LIVE Stocks LIVE Forex LIVE Futures Futures
5.0 End of Day
Bulls 'n Bears Advantage X X X X
Autopilot   X X  
Candlestick Auto-Recognition X X X X
Commitment of Traders   X X
LIVE Options X   X  
End-of-Day Options       X
Seasonals     X X
LIVE Spreads     X  
End-of-Day Spreads       X
Historical Trade Simulator       X

Plug-ins: A Basic Overview

Bulls 'n Bears

Bulls 'n Bears

Could a Color-Coded Chart with Buy/Sell Signals Improve Your Trades?

Bulls ‘n Bears is a proprietary trading package with three main indicators to help you identify trends.  The Red Light/Green Light System, identifies trends from Neutral to Bullish, and from Neutral to Bearish. 

The Advantage Lines Trading System is a mathematically altered hybrid moving average system that gives early entry signals, with reduced whipsaw**.


Autopilot Plug-in

Back test, Simulate, and Trade Your Own Strategies...Automatically!

Back test indicators and advanced trading strategies on historical data using your own customizable settings (No programming required.)**

A powerful “click & select” user interface allows you to design your own system, then click "Start Trading," and set Track 'n Trade on its course! Sit back and watch as Track 'n Trade automatically executes your trades for you.

Japanese Candlestick Auto-Recognition

Candlestick Auto-Recognition Plug-in

The Japanese Candlestick Auto-Recognition Plug-in recognizes 18 different Bullish and Bearish patterns and automatically identifies them directly on the chart. 

Customize and define the perfect candle pattern and select the formations you want displayed on the chart.  Use the Candlestick buy and sell signals in conjunction with the Autopilot plug-in.

Commitment of Traders

COT Plug-in

See What Other Traders Are Trading

The Commitment of Traders Indicator gives you the Overall Picture of what is happening behind the scenes of each market. It actually tells you what groups are buying and what groups are selling; that information is just way too important to leave to chance.

Historical Options

Options Plug-in

Would You Drive Without Insurance? Why Trade Without Options?

Simply click the screen to place call or put options orders directly onto the futures charts. The order tools automatically snap to the different strike prices and show you all the relevant option information.

LIVE Options Trading

Options Plug-in

LIVE Options Trading Including Weekly Options

Stream live market options data and quickly place call or put options orders directly into your simulated or real-money accounts. The order tools automatically snap to the different strike prices and show you all the relevant option information.


Seasonals Plug-in

How Does the Time of Year Affect the Futures Market?

Customized to fit your desired settings in the program settings, the seasonal indicator takes the fundamental nature of the commodities market and turns it into a powerful technical indicator.


Spreads Plug-in

Can Trading Spreads Reduce Risk?

Simply Choose two commodity contracts to create into a spreads chart. It really is that easy!

Historical Trade Simulator

Historical Simulator Plug-in

How Would Your Strategy Have Played Out In Last Year's Market?

The Historical Trade Simulator Plug-in gives users the ability to go back in time and trade as if you were there in the moment.**

**Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. See full risk disclosure for hypothetical limitations.

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