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Options On Futures With Track 'n Trade

See How Seamless Options Trading on Futures Can Be!

**This video is for demonstration purposes only and is not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument. There is risk of loss trading Stocks, Futures, Forex, or Options.

Option Trading for Futures Reinvented!

Help Manage Your Risk by Trading Options on Futures along with Futures contracts directly! 
Track 'n Trade Live Futures with Options includes:

  • Capability of Trading options on futures from your real money and simulated account
  • Real-time streaming options data
  • Drag 'n drop order placement
  • The theoretical value of the options using the Black and Scholes valuation model
  • Ability to buy/write calls and puts quickly
  • Multiple options on multiple commodity markets at the same time
  • Compare the value of each option to the underlying commodity
Trade Live Options with Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures

Trade Live Options with Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures. CLICK TO EXPAND IMAGE

Weekly and Monthly Options

Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures has the ability to trade options for all optionable futures markets by visually dragging them on the screen to the desired strike price. Additionally, traders may now trade the very popular weekly options, in the same manner, directly through the Track ‘n Trade platform. The following weekly options are now available:

  • All Grain Markets
  • All Currencies
  • e-Mini S&P
  • e-Mini NASDAQ
  • 10-Year Treasuries
  • 30-Year Bonds

Combine Your Options & Futures Trading

Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures will revolutionize the way you trade options. Quickly identify opportunities and see your options trades directly on you chart.  Place Options or Futures trades with just a click and drag of your mouse.

Option Orders are calculated in real-time, as you drag 'n drop them directly on the chart. Move your mouse from strike price to strike price and have Track 'n Trade calculators automatically update price, time, theoretical values, and the risk/reward percentages. You will actually be able to see the difference! 

Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures with Options Trading has been designed to be robust and assist you in option trading, by visually being able to track the value of an option related to the price of the underlying futures contract and allowing for easy entry and exit of option orders.

The Option Control Panel

Options Control Panel

Options Control Panel: Track 'n Trade uses Black & Scholes formula to calculate the theoretical value on every option!

All your Options information gathered together for easy access and evaluations.

  • Quickly see Options P/L on the Active chart or your combined portfolio
  • See account balance and margin available for options trades
  • Quick order buttons and customizable quantities speed up the order placement, helping you to take advantage of options trading opportunities
  • Instantaneously Exit all options orders on any single chart or all charts at once.
  • Get pertinent information including strike prices, volume, theoretical values, and much more.

Track 'n Trade uses Black and Scholes for Options Valuation

  • "If you are paying more than Black & Scholes says it's worth, then you are paying a premium over and above the theoretical or "appraised" value of the option.
  • Alternatively, if the option is trading for less than what Black & Scholes says it is worth then you are getting a discount as compared to its calculated or "appraised" value on the purchase.

What's the Cost?

Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures with Options Trading is already part of the LIVE Futures Trading Platform. Take Advantage of a free 14-day trial and test drive all the great features in Futures and Options.  Click here to learn more about Track 'n Trade Live Futures or start a trial today by clicking the "Try It" button below.

Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures
With Options Trading

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