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Features LIVE Futures Stocks LIVE LIVE Forex Futures
5.0 End of Day
Real-time streaming data X X X  
Live Simulation Trading X X X  
Customizable Indicators X X X X
Fibonacci Tools And Advanced Indicators X X X X
E-mail/Text Alerts X X X  
Analytical Drawing Tools X X X X
Free 14-Day Trial X X X X
Historical Simulation Capability       X


Track 'n Trade LIVE Forex

Forex trading software

Trade Currency Pairs like the EUR/USD, JPY/GBP, and many others!

Trade the largest market in the world! Open 24 hours a day you can trade from anywhere you can gain internet access. A single click of the mouse is the only thing that stands between you and your ability to place market orders, execute multiple orders, which automatically place OCO (One-Cancels-Other) entry orders, as well as auto-trailing stop & limit orders. Get started with a free demo account. More info »

Track 'n Trade LIVE Futures

Futures trading software

Trade Commodities like Gold, Crude Oil, and Livestock from Home!

Analyzing the market in multiple ways. The button bar placed at the top of the screen provides access to a set of easy-to-use manual chart mark-up tools, allowing technical analysts the ability to draw and mark up their charts just as they might do with a paper chart, ruler and pencil.
More Info »

Track 'n Trade End of Day Futures

Futures charting software

The Ultimate Charting Software Designed for the Visual Investor!

Our most popular trading platform. A six-time recipient of the prestigious Stocks & Commodities Award, Track 'n Trade End of Day has been helping traders get going in the commodies markets since 1996. Now on its fifth revision, Track 'n Trade End of Day continues to set the industry standard for a charting application. More Info »

Track 'n Trade Stocks LIVE

Stocks trading software

Isn't It Time You Took Control of Your Own 401k or IRA Stock Investments?

No one cares about your money as much as you do! Monitor, track, and trade the stock market, with intra-day real-time streaming data and price activity throughout the day. More Info »

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