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Basic Questions and Answers:

I lost my Gecko password

Select "Forgot Password" listed underneath the Track 'n Trade login screen to have a new temporary password e-mailed to you. Back to top

I have lost my simulated demo account user name/password

Your login information can be found in an email sent to you when your account was originally created. If you have misplaced this email, you may request your demo account by emailing: Back to top

I am unable to connect to Track 'n Trade, but my internet is turned on and working

The most common cause of a lost connection to Track 'n Trade is due to a personal firewall or anti-virus software. Please ensure that Track 'n Trade is on the allow list of your personal firewall software.

For our Live clients, If your connection has been lost after leaving your software running by itself for an extended period, it is possible that your Windows Sleep or Hibernation mode has stopped your internet connection. If you suspect this has occurred, check your Windows Power SettingsBack to top

Can I install Track n' Trade on more than one computer?

We allow our clients to install Track 'n Trade on up to three of their personal computers without requiring the purchase of additional licenses.

For our Live clients:  You may install TNT LIVE on multiple computers, but you will only be able to be logged in from one computer at a time (most recent login takes precedent). Simultaneous logins from more than one computer require additional software licenses. You may, however, log in multiple times simultaneously from the same computer (e.g. if you have multiple monitors).

Is Track 'n Trade compatible with my Apple Mac?

We currently do not have a native Mac-based version of Track 'n Trade. However, many of our clients are successfully running Track 'n Trade on their Mac using a Windows emulator such as Parallels, Boot Camp, Virtual PC, VMware, etc. Back to top

System Requirements

Track ‘n Trade is supported on Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista. To maximize the performance of Track ‘n Trade, we recommended your system has a minimum of 4GB of Ram.

How do I suggest a new feature that I feel will improve TNT?

If you would like to request a new feature, open the Help menu of Track 'n Trade and select "Report a Problem/Feature." A webpage will appear with a section to create your very own Feature Request.

New feature requests will be sent directly to our software development management team. Be sure to document any outside resources and include specific details of how your feature will improve TNT.Back to top

Why do my Autopilot trade results appear differently than I remember?

It is very important to save your Autopilot systems into saved chart books. Doing this will insure that your indicator settings will be saved. Autopilot saved systems do not include indicator customization. Saving your systems into chart books insure that your Autopilot system is paired with the correct indicator signals. Back to top

How do I share/store my Autopilot results?

The very best method to share or store Autopilot results is by creating a saved book with your systems. You may then send this same book to other Autopilot traders as well. You may also print and store copies of your system by selecting "Print" found in the bottom-left of your Autopilot control panel. *Hint*, after selecting Print, there is an option available to "Print as Graphic". Selecting this feature will create a picture showing all of your autopilot settings, trades and results that can be saved to your computer! Back to top

Is there a way that I may reach you by phone?

Yes, please see the contact us page. Back to top

Is there training available to learn TNT?

Explore our extensive online educational videos section here. In addition to these videos and free online manuals we also offer free online classes throughout the week. To register to join a free class, please visit:

Why is my TNT5 data not up-to-date?

The Track 'n Trade Trial and Full version should update to the current date. If you are not seeing your data update fully, it is possible that your Play Controls Tool has been set to the "red" or "lock" position, which would prevent the data from loading fully for back testing purposes.

If your Play Control is set to the default "green" option of playing to end for all charts, then it is possible that you will need to run a data update. This option can be selected from using the red and white Data Update tool in the upper left corner of your software. You may also access this option from the File menu > Data Download.

If you have run a data update and still do not see data past the year mentioned, you possibly viewing an expired contract month or your data service has expired. Back to top

I cannot see options data in Track 'n Trade 5.0 End of Day.

When you find that you are not seeing your full Options data, there are a few things you can initially check before contacting technical support:

  1. Have you selected all the sessions for that commodity?
    Some Options data may be combined into the data from other sessions of the same commodity ie: Corn (Combined) Options data may also be integrated into the Corn (Open Outcry) data. Select all of the data in the Commodity Chooser for the specified Futures contract, then run a data download.
  2. Have the Options for this commodity expired?
    Make sure you are viewing charts where the options have not expired. You can see the Options expiration date from the Key tab of your Track 'n Trade software.
  3. What chart type are you viewing?
    To see Options data for a commodity, you will only be able to do this on a regular daily chart. If you view a Long Term Daily, Weekly, or Monthly chart you will NOT be able to view Options data.
  4. Lastly, and most important of all: Do you have an Options Data Subscription? To receive current Options data, you will need to purchase a data subscription.

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Can I increase the amount of historical data I have in Track 'n Trade LIVE?

Our futures traders will receive data based on the amount available from our clearing firm. However, our Forex traders can increase their historical intraday data by following the steps listed below:

You would need to delete all your cached data and increase the Intraday Historical Data using the scroll bar in the Manage Cache window. This can have a large slowing effect on your computer and ease of use would depend on your hardware speed.

If you would like to try this, close your open charts, open your Manage Local Cache from the file menu, delete the symbol you want to get more intraday data for, move the historical data slider up (start small then increase gradually as necessary).

Then reopen your currency pair to download history. We do not recommend increasing the data by overly large amounts unless your computer hardware is capable of processing large amounts of data and that this is important to your analysis. Back to top

Questions: Call 1-800-862-7193, Ext. 2
Note: All data/software services are recurring