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Windows Power Settings

This video shows step by step instructions on managing your Windows Power Settings. Our LIVE software platforms must have a constant internet connection, follow the steps outlined above to avoid unnecessary interruption in communications.

Video Captions

Hello! This is Jeff Keller with Track 'n Trade Support Education.

Today's video is for quick little Windows tips and tricks to keep track of trade running smoothly when you're away from the desk and overnight. With your windows default background show, right-click anywhere on your desktop background and select to personalize. Once here, select screen saver. It will appear here in the list for Windows Vista and for Windows 7 it will appear as a monitor in the bottom right at the window. Select screensaver, and then from this window we need to select change power settings. Change power settings and on the left side of the screen change when the computer sleeps. left click on change and here we have options for turn off display, which really you can leave just as it is, but below that we have the option to put computer to sleep mine is set to go to sleep or hibernate after one hour not being used. I'm going to set this from the drop-down list to never and then select save. Why is this important?

Why am I mentioning this for Track ‘n Trade? When the computer goes to sleep or hibernates the hard drive stop spinning the internet connection is cut, and by all respects your Windows wheels stop turning. Now if all that stops Track ‘n Trade no longer talks to the clearing house. So it's very important that you tell your computer not sleeper hibernate to keep Track ‘n Trade running and placing and adjusting the trades. Alright and for those few who are still using Windows XP same options just a little bit different. We're going to go through and right click on the desktop back ground select display properties then select the screen saver tab, choose power under monitor properties, and then select system stand by and system hibernate to never, and apply.

That's it; I hope you enjoyed a quick little video. Again you don't want your computer to take a nap while Track ‘n Trade is working.

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