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Track 'n Trade Autopilot Plug-in

Introduction to Autopilot

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone! My name is Lan Turner, I'm the President of Gecko Software. In this video, I just want to give another quick overview of some of the features in our new Autopilot Plug-In. This video I've entitled: The Wisdom Behind the Mechanics.

You know, it's long been said, 'Where systems fail, methods prevail.' This phrase has long been the standing order of business here at Gecko Software.

Why, then, have we now come out with a system execution Autopilot Plug-In for Track 'n Trade? The Autopilot itself, is not a mathematical trading system. It is the mechanism used to determine and manage how we, as traders, want to have our trades executed and managed.

The great thing about the Autopilot, is that it can all be done without any programming knowledge, whatsoever. Very simply put, our Autopilot is more than just a simple trading system. It was developed with the individual trader in mind. With the mindset that trading methods are more powerful and more profitable than trading systems alone.

It's long been the struggle of individual traders to find the time necessary to execute a successful trading strategy. Tending their computers for hours on end, day after day, watching the market for trading opportunities, has limited the number of traders who could successfully execute a winning strategy.

We at Gecko Software have always recognized the simple advantages of an Automated Trading System. In that, it alleviates the tedious nature of trading. But traditionally speaking, most systems have been designed around a single traditional Indicator. That have been as simple as buying each time you receive a Buy Signal, and selling each time you receive a Sell Signal.

This style of system trading has, in the past, proven to be the downfall of many, otherwise, would be successful traders.

Simply jumping into a market each time you get a Buy Signal and jumping back out of the market each time you get a Sell Signal, is a surefire way of giving up your money to someone else. The Track 'n Trade Autopilot gives us the ability to choose between multiple entry styles, along with a multitude of Exit Strategies. Including: Auto-Trailing Stops, Limit Orders, and OCO (Once Cancels Other) Orders. These capabilities allow us to select and choose any number of advanced trading strategies. Also, to include them in our trading system.

By adding these advanced features, changes the playing field, from a simple mechanical Buy/Sell trading system, to a complete automated trading methodology. Bringing our opportunity for success, to a much higher level.

It's for this purpose, that we here at Gecko Software, have integrated the Advantages of System Trading, alongside the advantage of Method Trading. Allowing the Track 'n Trade Autopilot to automatically implement, execute, and then manage our own personal trading style, and methodology, all in one automated package.

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