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Track 'n Trade Autopilot Plug-in

Using the Quick Calculation Buttons

Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade Autopilot video, we're going to be discussing the Q-Calc Buttons. Each Settings field within the Autopilot Control Panel include Setting Spinners. Which allows you to scan up and down the Settings Scale. The results of each change are then reflected within the lower statistical panel. The Autopilot Q-Calc buttons, which are located to the far right of each selection window, have been designed to assist in finding the most optimal settings for each individual section of the Autopilot.

If a Q-Calc button resides next to one of the parameters you're using, you may choose to simply press the Q-Calc Button to have the computer automatically (through artificial intelligence and brute force mathematics), calculate the optimal setting for the particular field. You can also right click any Q-Calc Button to set the parameters for which you would like the system to operate.

Also, notice at the top of the panel, you have a single Q-Calc Button, just to the right of the Auto Control Panel Settings Banner. If you press this one Q-Calc Button, it will automatically calculate down through the list of each of the selected items. It will calculate the optimal setting, one right after the other; without the need to press each Q-Calc Button individually. Depending on the speed of your computer, pressing this one Q-Calc Button, may take a very long time to accomplish this one individual task.

It's recommended that once you have made a change to any of the individual settings within the Autopilot, to always go back and Q-Calc the Indicator, once again.

It's also important to note that the Indicator Q-Calc Button, does not test every single parameter within the individual Indicator Settings Panel.

The parameters for which it changes are limited to the primary settings, within each Indicator.

For example: When Q-Calc is pressed to optimize the Bulls 'n Bears System, the only parameter that is adjusted and tested against, is the Sensitivity Slider. If you want to test other Settings on the Bulls 'n Bears, you must make those adjustments, first, manually.

Another example would be the Moving Average Indicator. The only parameters that are automatically adjusted and tested through the use of the Q-Calc Buttons are the time periods. The Q-Calc Button does not adjust such fields as: Type and Data.

One more example of this would be the Advantage Lines Indicator. The only fields adjusted by the Q-Calc buttons are Period 1 and Period 2. You'll also find that most, but not all Indicators within Track 'n Trade can be optimized using the Q-Calc Buttons. Some Indicators simply do not currently lend themselves to Q-Calc functionality.

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