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Thrust Signal Prevention

Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade Autopilot video, we're going to be discussing the Thrust Signal Prevention tool.

Just like an engine has a governor to keep it from revving too fast, the Autopilot has a thrust bar regulator. If the market revs up too high, the thrust bar regulator will keep the Autopilot from entering the market.

You'll often times hear technical analysts refer to this phenomenon as, the market having moved too far, too fast. If selected, you can specify how high or low you're willing to allow the market to move during any single time frame. Also, within a specified number of Price Bars, before allowing the Autopilot to place an Entry Order.

For example: Sometimes news events will radically move a market too far, too fast. Making it unwise to enter the market. Therefore, this setting allows Track 'n Trade to monitor the market for just such an event.

If the market price jumps radically higher or lower and gives what I call a long bar, and your chosen Indicator then throws a Buy or Sell Arrow at the top or at the bottom of that thrust bar, the thrust bar regulator will keep the Autopilot from placing an order to enter the market.

This highly effective tool, also includes a Q-Calc button, to help determine the best settings for your given market and strategy.

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