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Track 'n Trade Autopilot Plug-in

Performance Window Overview

Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade Autopilot video, we're going to be discussing the performance analysis portion of the Autopilot. The performance analysis section, is where Track 'n Trade statistically reports how well your system setup would have theoretically performed on past data, from any chosen market.

Starting in the lower left corner, we find the controls for the Accounting portion of Track 'n Trade. The Autopilot button, is a two state button, which controls which view you're looking at.

If you press the Autopilot button, you'll notice that it switches the screen to reveal the Autopilot performance and analysis screen. Also, note, that the same button now switches to say Accounting. If you click this button again, it flips you back over revealing the Active Accounting information.

In Autopilot mode, we see four additional buttons: Graph, Trades, Log, and Print. These individual features will be discussed at length, in other videos.

Across the top of the Autopilot Performance Window, we see the initial settings that must be set up for the system to properly calculate the historical performance.

We have the Initial Balance, and the Brokerage fees

If you're trading Forex, this number should be set to zero.

We then have the Analysis Start Date & Time. Followed by, the End Date & Time. The amount of data that can be used for any historical back test can be increased or decreased, through the Manage Local Cash Function. Which is located from within the drop down File Menu. The details of this feature is covered in a different video. We also have the ability to turn On and Off the Autopilots Auto-Re-Calculation features, as well. Some computers may not have the speed necessary to automatically calculate every single change of the Autopilot, on the fly. Therefore, we have given you the ability to manually determine when you want the Autopilot to re-calculate any changes made to your System Settings. Any changes made to these Settings, will be reflected in the Trades Log, as well as on the Equity Graph.

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