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Bearish Markets

Video Transcript

In this short video, I want to highlight some of the advantages of the Bulls 'n Bears Red Light System. I want to quickly cover Bearish markets. A Bearish market is when the price of our underlying asset drops in price. This is where we begin to see lower lows and higher highs, as the trend becomes more established. Of course, our Bulls 'n Bears Indicator tells us when a Bearish market is about to begin. It also tells us when it's about to end. The start of a new Bear market is indicated by a Yellow price bar, followed by a Red price bar. Often times, this signal will also be accompanied by a down arrow, as well. We all understand that there's only one way to make money when trading. It's to buy low and sell high. But we also have the option in many markets, to sell high first, then buy back low, at a later time. This is called- going short. To go short, means we're anticipating a drop in price. We would execute a trade that would put us in the market with a position, that would allow us to profit when market prices fall.

The biggest problem most traders have is knowing when market prices are about to fall. Once again, is the great strength of the Bulls 'n Bears Indicator.

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