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Bullish Markets

Video Transcript

In this short video, I want to begin by introducing some of the advantages of the Bulls 'n Bears Trading System. Lets start with the easiest scenario, first! That of going long a Bullish market. To go long, of course, means that we are anticipating a rise in price. Therefore, we would be looking to buy low and sell high. Most of us already realize and understand that this is how we make profits. But the biggest problem most traders have is, knowing when a market is about to breakout and prices are going to begin to rise. One of the greatest strengths of the Bulls 'n Bears is its ability to tell us every single time, with 100% accuracy that a market has started a new Bullish or Bearish trend. That in itself, is the Bulls 'n Bears greatest strength. Of course its shortfall, is that it can't tell us how long that Bullish or Bearish trend might last. It might only last one day.. or it might last 6 months, or even one year. We all realize that there is no way for any of us or any computer system to be able to tell us how long a market is going to stay Bullish or Bearish. Which is why we must always have an exit strategy. Which I'll cover later in this course.

To buy and go long a market, we start by waiting for a buy signal from our Bulls 'n Bears Indicator, which is a Yellow price bar followed by a Green price bar. Then, in a nicely trending market, we would follow the rise in price until we receive an opposing Sell signal. Or we get stopped out by our protective Stop Loss order.

The Bulls 'n Bears has two methods of providing us with market directional signals. On the Bullish side, we receive as mentioned before- a Yellow price bar, followed by a Green price bar. But we also receive a series of arrows. The arrows from within the Bulls 'n Bears are Indicators that the market has changed direction from Bullish to Bearish. Or from Bearish to Bullish. We don't necessarily consider the arrows our Buy and Sell signals. Since we like to use the price bar color change, as our Buy/Sell signals. This is because we can receive Buy and Sell signals from our price color bar changer-over. Which are not always accompanied by market directional arrows. This is by design. You see, we don't want our trading system to give us conflicting information. We don't want to be receiving multiple Buy arrows in a row. Nor, do we want multiple Sell arrows in a row. We only want to see one Bullish arrow for every Bearish arrow.

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