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Market Entry

Video Transcript

In this Bulls 'n Bears training video, I want to discuss market entry. The true beauty and strength of the Bulls 'n Bears Indicator is that it has several key entry signals. These entry signals can be adjusted accordingly, depending on the market. A Bullish or long entry signal is given when we receive a Green light, or Green price bar proceeded by a Yellow light or Yellow price bar. A confirmation of the Buy signal is a second Green light. Of course, it would be just the opposite for a Bearish or short entry signal. A Yellow light or Yellow price bar, followed by a single Red light and confirmed by a second Red light.

The Bulls 'n Bears System also has the ability of displaying what I like to call, Bullish and Bearish trend arrows. These arrows point out the beginning of a trend, and the end of a trend. You'll notice that I don't generally like to call these arrows Buy/Sell arrows. Since we usually derive our Buy/Sell signals from the change in price bar color. Not generally from the arrows themselves. But the arrows will accompany a switch-over from Yellow to Green or Yellow to Red. You'll also notice that we never receive two Bullish arrows in a row or two Bearish arrows in a row.

This key point is by design, it'll become a little clearer as we get further into the course.

There are several ways to enter the market, once we receive our entry signal. The most common method is to simply enter with a market order, which would get us into the market immediately. The other method and probably the most common would be to use Stop Orders. Which sit above the initial Green price bar, for a long position confirmation, or below a Red price bar for a short position confirmation.

By using a combination of Stop Orders, along with our Market Filters, we get a great combination of highly successful market entry opportunities. While weeding out the less desirable ones.

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