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Track 'n Trade Bulls 'n Bears Trading System

Trading Demonstration: Using the Blue Light System for Re-Entry

Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade Trading Training video, I want to talk to you about another scenario, that you might run into. As the market rallies like this, we're looking for possibly, either an opportunity to get back into the market, or to add on a position. In the previous video we talked about using the Buy Signal coming from the Bulls 'n Bears yellow to green. That's a Buy signal. We would try to get in on the market, here. Also, notice that the Bulls 'n Bears Blue Light System, reversed and is now on the other side. If we go into the Properties of the Bulls 'n Bears, you can see that you have the Blue Light Settings, over here. You can put it on both, if we want to see it on both sides. Now, both sides comes across and you'll see as the market begins to drop if we got stopped out or dropped below the Bulls 'n Bears System, it will throw the blue light up on top. We an take advantage of this mathematically calculated stop placement order. Not only for exiting the market but for also getting into the market, if we so choose.

We can come here, and we can say look I can come in here, and I can go, I want to Buy. Now, this isn't to Sell, because we are long the market. We want to add on to the position, or we want to get back into the market, if we got stopped out. Buy 1 on a Stop, Trailing on the Bulls 'n Bears Blue Light System. Hit Okay. Notice that as the market moves against our position, it pulls the Bulls 'n Bears Blue Light System down into the market, to maximize our profit potential. Now, we already got our Buy Signal from the Bulls 'n Bears, which was yellow to green. Notice that the blue light also comes down here. If we want to use the Blue Light System, and in some cases you'll see that the Blue Light System will come in and match closer than it did in this example. But nonetheless the Blue Light System is pulling our Stop down to get into the market and it's putting it right above the Price Bar. So, if this market continues higher, we get into the market in a Long position. You can now see that this is a good way to add onto your already Long position, using the blue light as a trailing stop entry point.

Now of course, you would want to manage your Stop. You can do that by putting it behind the previous Price Bar. Or behind the previous yellow, or even all the way down here, now, on the blue light, to trail up.

This is an example of how you can then manage your positions using the blue light. Not only to get out of the market, but to also re-enter the market.

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