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Trading Demonstration: Bullish Market, Going Long

Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade Trading training video, I want to take you through a couple of scenarios, using the Bulls 'n Bears.

The very first thing we want to start off, simple and just simply get into the market. How do we get into the market, using the Bulls 'n Bears? Well, there's a couple of ways.

One: obviously waiting for the market to go from a yellow Price Bar to a green Price Bar. That's going from Neutral to Bullish. What we see here, is we have an example, here, in the Soybeans market. You'll notice that the market has gone from red which is Bearish, to yellow which is Neutral. As the market continues to go across, and it's yellow, we don't get into the market, we don't do anything. We just sit on the sidelines, and we wait, while the market is in the yellow position.

We like the yellow, because that's telling us that an opportunity to trade, is coming our way! As soon as we see and green Price Bar, which is preceded by a yellow Price Bar, this is a buy signal.

This Buy signal, if we look at it, and analyze it a little bit more closely, it's accompanied by a Bullish arrow. We'll notice, that the Close is lower than it Opened, and it's lower than yesterday's Close. That means that this is a Bearish Buy signal.

There's a couple of ways that we can get into the market. First, we can just into the market with a Buy on market open, or a market open for the following morning. But we don't want to do that if we've got a Bearish signal. The best way, and the way I like to get into the market, is using a Stop order. This is still a Buy signal, but we don't want to jump in, unless we can confirm that the market is going to continue to rise.

We Buy 1 on a Stop. We'll put that above the first green Price Bar, so it's just a Stop order. We step the market forward. Notice that we did not get into the market. We didn't get into the market. But the second Price Bar is also green. This is also a confirmation that the market is Bullish, overall. But notice that the Price Bar, itself, closed higher than it opened. It also closed higher than yesterday's close. That is a Bullish Buy Signal. I'm going to put that Stop Order right above, just above the high of the day. If this market continues higher, we're going to get into the market. I'm going to step the market forward, and our order was filled.

Our order was filled, we're Buy 1 Stop. You can see over here that we're making about $205. Just simply being in the market, the market rallies, and as the market rallies, of course our profits increase.

That's getting into the market using a yellow Price Bar, change over to green Price Bar, using that as our Buy Signal, and getting in on a long position.

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