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How to Use the Charts Tab

Video Transcript

In this video we want to go through and cover the charts tab. Now you can see the charts tab is selected over here in the control panel. This is where we have a list of symbols that we have available for us to trade. Now we can add to or subtract from this symbol list, by simply coming over here to the symbol chooser icon and clicking on it and it'll bring up a dialog box for us which allows us to slide down through and see all the different currency symbols that are available for us to trade. Now by coming in here and saying let's add the Australian dollar and the US dollar The AUD/USD pair to our symbol list we simply click this box and hit ok.

You'll notice that it is immediately added to our list of symbols available for us to trade. Now to open a chart for the AUD/USD all we do is simply right click on the symbol. It opens up a list have available charts we come in we say 5 minute chart and we're gonna open up a 5 minute chart very simple. Now to open up a 10 minute chart or a 15 minute chart we do the same thing. Right-click come in here and there's a 15 minute chart. Now we now have two charts open we have a 5 minute chart and we have a 15 minute chart.

Now we have some additional capabilities in Track 'n Trade that allow us to come through and control each individual chart from within the chart. Now you'll notice we have a series tabs on the bottom. These are timeframe tabs for this particular chart. So if I come in here this is my 5 minute chart and I click 30 minutes is going to change my 5 minute chart over to a 30 minute chart and notice my 5 minute chart is gone I don't have a 5 minute chart anymore because I just switched it to be a 30 minute chart So these tabs down here control the time frame for this particular chart we can control the different tabs down here on the bottom this chart by simply right clicking on them and it opens up this "setup charts tab" dialog box and you can customize and make each one of these tabs along the bottom of the chart to be whatever time frame you want You can customize in Track 'n Trade the different time frames.

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