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How to Use the Data Tab & Notes Tab

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to go over the Data Tab and the Notes Tab in the Control Panel. First, let's start with the data tab. You'll notice here just starting at the top, that we have Export Data button, and we have a Print Data button. We have the Display Data and the Underlying Data.

Now, let me explain what each of those mean. We're looking down here at the data, that makes up this particular chart. So you can see that we have a data number, plus we've got the date. As we scroll across you'll see this is the Open High, Low Close Volume. Then of course we've got this Mac-D indicator displayed, that is where you're getting the Mac-D information as well. So we've got this information. This information is available for you to export for further analysis. We also have the Underlying Data, that makes up this chart.

This is available on the daily charts, so we hit Underlying Data. You'll notice as we scroll across here, we now have the Open/Ask we have the High/Ask, we have the Low/Ask, we have the Close/Ask, the Open/Bid, the High/Bid, the Low/Bid, Close/Bid, and the Volume. We do have this additional information available to you, if you would like when you're looking at the daily chart. To export, very simply, you would just click Export Data button. It pops on the screen, I'm going to save this to my desktop. You will notice that once it's done saving, I can then open up Microsoft Excel, in this case. You can see the data has been opened up into our spreadsheet. The next step is to come in here and hit print the data, and of course, printing the data will just simply print it out to your default printer.

The next tab that I want to show you, is the Notes tab. The Notes tab is specifically designed to be tied to each individual chart. Those one EUR/USD, so this would be a note specific to this chart. I currently have the MACD at (and maybe I want to put some notes in here), I've set it at 12 and 26. I also have the Bulls 'n Bears set to 72. Then you can come through and you can continue with your different notes. What I like to do is I like to do is come in and put a date on here. I like to date this, so I'll put in today's date. So that I have the date and then I have all my different notes that correspond to the changes that I've made for that date. That way I can keep a record or a log of the different changes that I've made to the specific chart. In this video we want to go over the Data Tab, the News Tab, and The Notes tab. You'll notice those are the last three tabs in the control panel. This first one, the Data Tab, is where you receive a view of all the data that creates the price chart. You can export the data, or you can print the data. We also have a different view, this is the underlying data. Notice that is has the open ask, high ask, low ask, close ask...etc... We also have the display data, which is representation of each indvidual price bar, the open, high, low, close. We also have the volume included as well as the indicatior data in these columns. They will show up here for which ever indicator you have turned on. So that is a quick review of the Data Tab.

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