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How to Use the Preferences Tab

Video Transcript

In this video we want to cover the Preferences Tab. You will notice the Preferences Tab is selected here in the Control Panel. The default settings are the settings that you see showing here are the settings for the actual chart itself. I'm not going to go down through every individual setting for this particular control panel, because this is an overview of the Preferences Tab itself.

The Preferences Tab is very multi-faceted, by having the Preferences Tab selected this is how we control or receive access to all the different settings for all the different tools, indicators, and chart color. what we have set here is currently the actual chart settings and you access those simply by clicking on the chart and this is what come up as long as you have the Preferences Tab selected. Lets say that we want to come over and actually access the preferences for the Bulls 'n Bears Indicator which is the turning the price bars red yellow and green. you'll notice the Bulls 'n Bears Indicator has been activated and is turned on that is why it is displayed here, but if you actually want to change the settings the Bulls 'n Bears Indicator is indicated here by a little tile on the right hand side and you will notice this little tile if we click it changes the Preferences Tab dynamically over to the settings for the Bulls 'n Bears. Now this is how the Preferences Tab works.

This is the important part I'm trying to highlight here; Whatever feature you want to work with as long as you have the Preferences Tab open you can receive or have access to the preferences for that tool simply by clicking on it or by clicking on tool. For Example this is the MACD indicator and we what to have access to the preferences to the MACD indicator settings we just simply click on the MACD indicator and the settings for the MACD popup dynamically into the Preferences Tab. We also have a tile in the lower right hand window. You'll notice we also have the Time Zones turned of for the Forex Market and if we click on the Time Zones that as well changes over to the Preferences Tab for Time Zones. If we have a tool lets say we want to draw a trend line, If we click on the trend line tool notice as soon as we clicked on the trend line tool the preferences for the trend line tool appear. As you are working with your chart and your doing your charting it is a nice idea to have the Preferences Tab open because any time you click on any specific tool, indicator, or setting that you are looking for you can find it dynamically appear here in the Preferences Tab within the Control Panel.

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