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How to Add and Edit Q-OCO Buttons

Video Transcript

Now I want to take you through and I want to show you how to customize each individual button. Each button, the parameters are the same, to change the parameters for each one. We have defaults in there for you, but you can change them or add them.

Now lets come in here and we're going to right click on the first button, on the Q-OCO button. You can see that we can edit the default one. Which is in here, Buy Market. It's set to 25 Stop and 45 Limit. Or we can add ourselves a New one.

Let's first go in and Edit the existing one. The way we would Edit it is, we would come in here and we would make any change in here. For example- if we wanted to change the Stop Count from 25 to 30, we would simply type in 30 and the Limit Count from 45 to 50, we would just simply type in the new number. But, you'll notice that it doesn't automatically change up here in the name. The name is just a title, so you would need to make that adjustment yourself. We can name that whatever we want. I like to just type the numbers in there, for whatever I'm using, down in the settings. We can make it look like this- Buy Market: 30, Stop: 50 Limit. So, Stop is 30 Limit is 50. You can make that say whatever you want, so that it means something to you. Of course, we can come in here and hit Okay. We've just modified the default settings to be 30 and 50, and you can see that updated in the drop-down window.

Now, if we wanted to add a new one, lets come in here and lets go into the Q-OCO 2, and we'll right click, we'll Add OCO settings. I'm going to make this one be a Sell Market and I'm going to make it 30 and 50. I'm going to put in a title that says this is a Sell Market: 30 on the Stop and 50 on the Limit. Just like that! Then we hit Okay, and you'll notice now in the drop-down I have both! I have 25 Stop and 45 Limit. I have sell Market: 30 Stop and 50 Limit. Now I can select 30 Stop and 50 Limit, so when I place my Q-OCO Order, it's going to do a Sell Market add a 30 Stop and 50 Limit.

Now I can come in here and I can edit my 30 Stop 50 Limit by coming in here and making it the default by saying make this the default custom OCO strategy. Click that, and hit Okay. That one is now my default and it comes up first on the list. I don't have to drop-down to select it- it's going to be first in the list.

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