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Introduction to the Q-OCO (Quick One Cancels Other) Buttons

Video Transcript

In this video I want to talk about Q-OCO orders. We've talked about OCO orders in previous videos, but this is the Q-OCO order section. I'm going to slide the Accounting tab down just a little bit, due to the size and restrictions of the recording window. But on your window, hopefully you have a larger screen and you can see these tabs and the accounting at the same time.

In this situation we have a series of buttons here, called the quick custom orders. Q stands for Quick, and then it's the OCO. So, if want quick customizable buttons to place different styles of OCO orders. This is where we would do that.

You'll notice that we have four buttons, and we have four drop-downs, (One drop-down for each button). Inside of the drop-down, it gives you the ability to add to the different OCO buttons, which is the custom setting. They come default set to one for each- This one here is a Buy market order. This one is a Sell Market Order. This one is a Stop Order, and this one is a Limit Order.

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