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How to Use the Symbol Chooser

Video Transcript

In this video, I want to cover the Symbol Chooser. The Symbol Chooser can be accessed from several different locations within Track 'n Trade. The first location is from the View drop-down menu. We slide down to Symbol Chooser, it pops up the Symbol Chooser dialogue box. This is where we can pick which symbols we would like to have showing up in our Charts tab. I'm going to go ahead and hit Cancel on this one. We can also access the Symbol Chooser form the button bar across the top. When we click the Symbol Chooser icon, it pulls up the same window. We can then come in and choose several different symbols that we might want to have added to our list. We hit Okay, and you can see it populates those. To remove them from the list, very simply, it's the same process- we come in here and we un-check the ones that we don't want. We hit Okay, and it removes them from our active list.

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