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Chart Scrolling/Scaling

Video Transcript

In this Track 'n Trade 5.0 Futures Trading Training video, I want to start by demonstrating for you, how to scroll and scale a chart.

Now, in Track 'n Trade, you'll notice that what we have over here is we have a couple of charts available to us. Let's go to the- currently we're looking at the Cotton Contract. Let's go to the Feeder Cattle Contract. You'll notice the Scrolling & Scaling features are very powerful in Track 'n Trade, and very key to your success. Knowing how to scroll and scale a chart can be very important to understanding the price movement within any given chart.

Now, Track 'n Trade is very easy to scroll and scale. All we have to do to scroll a chart, is hover our mouse over the Price Bars, hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse up and down. This scrolls our chart, up and down, on the background.

Then, to go left to right, we come and scroll, hold our mouse over the top, of the Date Bar. Hold down the left mouse button, then we can scroll the chart back and forth, in time.

Now, if we come in here, and right click on the chart, come down to Auto-Scale the chart; you'll notice that when we scale the chart or when we scroll the chart, back in time, that it will keep it scaled to the window. So, it will stay on the screen.

Of course, if we right click, and turn Auto-Scale off, and then when we move it- it doesn't move and scale on the chart. See that?

Okay, so now, that's the Scrolling. Now, let's look at the Scaling.

If you look up here on the top Button Bar, this is where I have my Scaling Buttons. I can change the scale of the software, by pushing these little arrows up and down. If I push it down arrow, of course, it squishes the chart down. If I push the up arrow, it expands it back out. If I want to expand the chart from right to left, I can push the minus button. Of course, this shrinks the chart in, or if I push the Plus Button, that spreads the chart back out. It kind of zooms it in.

Then, I change the.... bars, or the little lines, in here- the scrolling and scaling lines of the software. How many, how many numbers we have on the screen by using this next bar, if I go: Minus- you'll see that it keeps squishing that in, a little closer, a little closer, each time we get more numbers. Now, what that's doing is it's changing the number of lines on the screen. If we scale that back out, you can see how that works.

Now, for a setting- now, I think I must have some setting turned off the small lines. I'm going to come in here, and I'm going to go to the third tab. I'm going to turn on the Light Grid Lines. Notice, if you can, if you can see those Grid Lines. Let's make them a little lighter, just in case you can't see them. Just for...oooh, that's kind of bright! Just for scaling purposes. We can see that we can shrink down, and make this as much as we want to have in here. Even on this one, the light grid lines. Let's make those kind of a little different color, here. Now, we can zoom in and you can see the differences between what we're setting our scaling and scrolling to.

Now, we can enlarge, shrink and enlarge those different scalings. You can see the different scales. Some people don't like them, so you can just turn them off, altogether. Then they're not even there.

Then, to bring the chart back to the center- we have this little center Tic button, down here. See, this big one center Tic. This is also part of the scrolling and scaling feature. If we click that, it brings the chart back to the screen. Of course, we can shrink it down, bring it in; so, it makes more sense to us. So, we can do this. I'm going to click the little center chart button, again. We can come in here and we can turn on Auto-Scale. Then, as we shrink it in, it's going to automatically scale it to the screen and to the window.

So, those are some of the features available in the Scrolling and Scaling of Track 'n Trade.

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