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getting started watch
Frequently Asked Questions  
Control Panel Tab Overview Watch
Charts Tab
Trades Tab & Accounting Window
Autopilot Tab & Autopilot Window
Preferences Tab
Key Tab
Options Tab
Depth of Market (DOM) Tab
Data Tab
Spreads Tab
Placing Orders Watch
Placing Market Orders
Placing Stop and Limit Orders
Placing Orders With Trailing Stops
Placing OCO (One-Cancels-Other) Orders
Adding OCO Orders with Trailing Stops
Exiting Orders with a Single Stop and/or Limit
Placing "Quick"  Q-OCO Orders
Adding & Editing Q-OCO Orders
Placing Stop and Limit Q-OCO Orders
Placing Options Orders
Placing Orders with the Depth Of Market (DOM)
Basic Knowledge, USAGE, & Navigation Watch
Symbol Chooser
Changing/Adjusting Chart Time Frame Defaults
Saving A Book
Scaling A Chart & Looking At Past History
Change Time Zones
Email and Text Alerts
Multiple Charts and Multiple Log-ins
Different Types of Price Bars
Account Manager
Setting User Defaults
Cursor Price vs. Last Price
Adding Indicator Windows and Chart Overlays
Standard Drawing Tools watch
Hiding And Deleting Tools
123 Tool
Arc and Bar Tools
Arrow, Flag, and Text Tools
Box and Circle Tools
Dollar and Risk vs. Reward Calculators
Elliott Wave and Gann Fan Tools
Fibonacci Arc and Fibonacci Time Zones Tools
Fibonacci Ruler
Hand, Crosshair, Line, and Multi-Line Tools
Head and Shoulders, and Dart Tools
Andrew's Pitchfork
Trend, Horizontal Channel, and Sideways N% Ruler Tools
Wedge and Trend Fan Tools
Plug-ins Watch
Bulls 'n Bears Advanced Trading System
Autopilot Plug-in
Candlesticks Auto-Recognition Plug-in
Commitment of Traders Plug-in
Seasonals Plug-in
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