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How to Add and Edit the "Quick" Q-OCO Order Buttons

Video Transcript

The next feature I want to highlight for you is, how to customize your custom OCO Orders. You'll notice that we have the four custom Order OCO buttons, they default to Buy Market, Sell Market, Stop & Limit. We can come in here and very simply, we can right click on the button and we can say Edit our Market Order. It pulls up this dialogue box. You'll notice the first we'll see is that it has a title up here, this title is user definable.

It says whatever you want it to say, to make it make sense to you! We're going to come down here and this is a Buy Market, so we going to just modify since we're editing this. We're going to change this from 25 to 30 and we're going to change this one from 45 to 50. We're going to come in and now we're going to have to change our label, because the label, again, is just text.

Then we'll have to come in here and make sense there, then we'll go ahead and hit Okay. That has now modified, we now have our Buy Market is going to be 30 Stop and 50 Limit. Now let's say we want to add a new one. We can right click on here, we can add OCO Setting, we can come in here and we can say I want it to be a Buy Market. We're going to do a 25 on the Stop and we're going to do 45 on the Limit. I'm going to come in and I'm going to label this, Buy Market at 25 Stop and 45 on the Limit. We go ahead and hit Okay, and you'll notice that- that is now in the drop down. We now have both available to us. The 30 Stop 50 Limit and the 25 Stop and 50 Limit.

Now if I would like to have the 25 Stop, 50 Limit to be the default, all I have to do is right click on the button, Edit my 25 Stop and 50 Limit, come in here and make it the default, hit okay, and it's going to be the one that shows up in the drop down window first.

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