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Day Eight

Video Transcript

Okay, are you ready to trade with me today? Are you feeling the doldrums with me today? You're down in your account $1,200.00, not as bad as you were yesterday. Yesterday we were down $1,800.00, now we're only down $1,200.00, but still nonetheless, I'm trading commodities. I'm supposed to be making money here. I'm losing $1,200.00, so I'm ready to go through my charts again and see how much money we can make.

Let's start off with Corn again. Nothing exciting happening in Corn. Step it forward... still nothing exciting happening in Corn.

Let's go to Feeder Cattle and see if we can get a little activity here. Step.. uh.. nothing happening in Feeder Cattle. Still just waiting for it to come down, and make me all my money. Looking for a retracement on this thing. It's just kind of going sideways there, isn't it? That little head and shoulders getting wider and wider.

It's the waiting game, isn't it? Sometimes you just wait and wait, how long have we been waiting now? We started here, we've been waiting for over 10 days, this is our 11th day waiting for something to happen.

Well, we have something happening here in Gold. Not anything too exciting, but it's something happening anyway. Oh, now it's coming back against me. Down $220.00 in Gold. Oh, that's not good. Why is it coming back against me? I need to go get a back rub or something.

Alright, Lean Hogs, how are we doing in Lean Hogs? Let's step this market forward. Nothing. Well, it came back for me in my favor, at least. At least it didn't go to the Stop Loss. Now I'm only losing $740.00, I guess that's not so bad. Not as bad as the $1,000.00, I was losing a couple days ago.

Live Cattle, let's see if anything is happening here.... nothing. Boy that thing is just drawing itself out, right shoulder, left shoulder, head. I have my order all planned, though. Boy, if that thing comes down I'm going to make all kinds of money.

Go to Oats, I'm a little disappointed in Oats. But I'm glad we didn't get in on a break above that triangle. Look, we wouldn't be very happy here either would we? Look it's starting to do something else. Oh, big long one there, I don't like that either. But look at this! This is a nice little trend happening there, that's something. Top side, not as pretty, but pretty straight there. What does our Stochastics say? Oh, look at Stochastics, Stochastics says we're way up high. Looking for a Sell Signal, looking for that thing to come down. This is what I call, this is what we call a Stochastics pop. Look at that! See that, where it gets up into the top and then it just kind of hangs up there in the the overbought region for a long time? Sometimes those get really long, and they stay in there for a long time. They call that a Stochastics Pop.

Here's another Stochastics Pop, right there. See that? So, we're looking at a nice little channel right there, I don't know we could trade that if we wanted to, if we thought that market was going to drop and come back out of there, we could put an order on a break below that channel, and watch it come back down. I don't know. Do you want to do that? Eh, I hear people say, no...we're down $2,000.00 right now. I don't want to risk something on that weak of a trade. Okay, let's not do it then.

Let's go to Silver. What about Silver? Let's advance our market, this little thing is just peering along sideways. It is coming down into this nice little point though, I am feeling a bit better about that. I don't like this, I don't like that.

Let's go onto Wheat. Step, oh, my goodness! Look what Wheat just did, dropped like a rock! We were looking for a retracement. My goodness sakes, that makes a new number 1 location. So if we come over here with a new number 1. Got a new number 1 bottom, now. Now watch for another 2, 3 to retrace and watch it go back. That's the way we do it. That's the way we do it. Good thing we didn't buy, well, we wouldn't have filled anyway.

Alright, I guess that's it for the day! See you tomorrow!

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