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Historical Simulator Plug-in

Day Eighteen

Video Transcript

Okay, are we ready to go at it, again? One more day, one more time! Let's do our data download. Okay, we have our data and we're ready to advance these markets one more day and see how we did. Step.. new annual low, there you have it. Feeder Cattle- Feeder Cattle, let's step forward. Oh, nice move, nice move. Gold- step, oh, popped up a little bit more, didn't quite fill my sell (1) market if touched. You know what I'm doing here again? I'm going to have to yell at that broker of mine. I am long 2 and I don't have a stop loss. I have a buy (1) market if touched, but I better come in here with a true stop loss. I'm going to sell (2) on a stop. This contract, I'm going to some over here and delete our order and delete altogether. Now, is that a good distance for my stop loss? Market to market, that's $910.00, the key says $1,300.00. Behind this area of support, if it drops back down and breaks through there, I want to get out. So that's good, I'm happy with that sell stop.

Okay, Lean Hogs- step.. oh, didn't give me the, didn't give me the move I was looking for. I want that to drop down and make a new low, so I can bring my stop loss in. Come on, come on, Live Cattle.. oh, my goodness, Live Cattle is my best friend today. Look at that, it just keeps dropping down, it's a happy baby. I'm making all kinds of money, 15.10 on open profit. Let's come into Oats- step.. oh, buy (1) on a stop! Who was it that called me on the telephone and told me to get into Oats? $325.00 loss; that's what you get for listening to your friends. Silver- Silver, Silver, step.. nothing on Silver, nothing on Silver. That means we better.... it has to break below that neckline right there, or else, I don't want to get in. Break below the neckline, or I don't want to get in. Okay, let's go to Wheat- step..anything, anything in Wheat? Anything? Nothing..

Okay, that's it for today! All done!

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