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Day Eleven

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Okay, we're back at it again! We're home from work, it's the evening, it's time to do a data download. We're going to get this baby going. Alright, we've got our data, we're up, we're ready to do some trading.

You know what, I just can't understand it, I've been trading for a full 13 days now, and I'm not wildly successful. I just can't understand it, I should be rolling in the dough, after 13 days of trading, but I'm not. I'm down, and I'm sad. I had a bad 2 weeks, I need to make some positive, progressive moves here. Make some money. I've got a bunch of plans in here, got some business plans, that's what they are. They're basically business plans. They're models, I'm ready to trade my plans.

Let's go through and start seeing what's happening here. Step, anything happening in Corn for us today? We're looking for that number 3 point.

Let's go onto Feeder Cattle, let's get our tic in Feeder Cattle today! Check, oooh, nice one in Feeder Cattle.

I had bacon and eggs this morning, looks like we're going to have burgers tonight. Feeder Cattle, closed profit, $295.00. Through that money in the bank for me, $295.00, look at that. Bought (1) limit market if touched, got me out of that market. Filled 1, feeling good, put some money in the pocket. I always liked that. Sold 2, buy 1.

Alright, you know what, we made that same mistake yesterday when we sold those 2. Boy, I hope you got a good full service broker to help you with this, because sometimes I forget to place my stop loss orders. I need to place my stop loss order in here. I traded a whole day without a stop loss order, my goodness sakes, I didn't hear anybody tell me, either.

Sell (2) buy (1), I'm short 1 right now, buy 1 back on a stop if that thing comes against me. Boy, my full service broker needs to tell me, "Are you going to place a stop loss on this thing?"

Okay, don't make that mistake, don't ever make that mistake, you need to always have those stops in place. Don't trade without stops, that's bad news.

Okay, we're feeling pretty good about ourselves, we have an open profit of about $365.00 in Feeder Cattle, and we locked in $295.00 on that short move for a total profit of, what do we have 3 this market, 3, 4, 5, 6, $650.00? That's not bad, that's not bad. $650.00, I'm feeling a little bit better about myself.

Let's go on to Gold, see if anything is happening in Gold. Step, oh, Gold is coming back for me anyway. Gold is coming back in my direction. I'm feeling good about that! It's coming back for me.

You know what, it's gone, and it's made that little retracement down right there, it's coming back in my favor. I don't want it to go back up and break that. If it does, I want to get out of the market, maybe, so I think I'll bring my stop loss down, move my stop loss in just behind that little support area down in there. I want that to continue down, it might be, I might have pulled it in a little close. I don't want to pull my stop losses in too close, because then it doesn't let the market grow. I think I'm okay on this one.

I think, because, if I pull it in, see, I have my nice little top formation happening there. I'm above it, I'm above that little..of course, it's a little higher here, but I'm still above that area of resistance.

If that market comes back up, it's going to have to break through that area of resistance again, then go up, and I'm going to get out of the market on a stop, if it does. But I'm okay, I'm expecting this market to continue down at this point.

Come down here and fill my buy (1) limit, make me a couple hundred more bucks. I'm looking for that move.

Alright onto Lean Hogs. Let's step forward with our Lean Hogs, oooh, kind of went sideways on that one today, didn't we? Didn't do too well in our Lean Hogs account. But I'm still open profit of $400.00, I'm feeling good. I just want it to drop a little harder, but that's okay. Close profit, 230.00 open profit 400.00. I'm feeling really good about this.

Alright, let's go on to the next one. Give ourselves a tic, yes! Live Cattle, Live Cattle, open profit, $330.00. That moved $330.00 in our favor. I'm feeling good about this little head & shoulders. We're counting our pennies now. We're counting our chickens before they're hatched, we like that.

Let's go onto the next one. Oats, ooooh, anybody ready to place an order in Oats, yet? Step...oh, no.

Let's go to Silver. Anybody ready to place an order on Silver, yet? No!

Anybody ready to place an order on Wheat, yet? No.

If we're not going to do anything with Oats, Silver and Wheat and Corn. Corn is up there, too. We're not going to do anything on these contracts, why do we keep watching them everyday? Well, we keep watching them in case they form some kind of a nice recurring price pattern, like a 1, 2, 3, a triangle, a head & shoulders, a narrow sideways channel; something of that nature that we can use in our favor to decide whether we want to get into the market or not. So, that's why we keep watching them, even though we're not trading them, okay?

That little Oats contract, that's kind of a buying and selling out of that little channel right there. That's kind of a weak Buy/Sell signal, but it's a Buy/Sell signal, nonetheless. You know, that market has to go one way or another out of that channel. One of these days, it's going to break out of that channel and we could either be there up or be there down with an order, if we wanted to be.

Some of you guys are like, hey go ahead, throw your money in there. You know, get it in there. That's my money, that's not your money. If this is your charting program, if this is your set of charts, you could throw your money in there, but I'm looking at this, and I don't want to throw my money in there. Not yet, anyway.

If you want to throw money in there, then, you go get your charts, and you stick your money in there and see how you would do.

Alright, we're done for the day.

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