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Day One

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In this example I want to take you through what I call fear and greed.

In trading commodities there's one aspect that we at Gecko Software found difficult to capture in our Track 'n Trade program. That aspect, of course is emotional part of trading. It's hard to reproduce the feeling of loss and gain in a simulation. So, what I want to do, is I want to take you through a situation of trading from day to day. It's a daily, you know, it's a daily grind if you might want to call it that. The day to day aspect of trading. So, I'm going to set up my charts, and I'm going to show you how I would go through and everyday go through the process of trading. We're going to go through an entire month of trading with the PitMaster.

So, what you see here on your chart, is I have gone through and I've picked 8 charts, Corn, Feeder Cattle, Gold, Lean Hogs, Live Cattle, Oats, Silver, and Wheat. These are some of the charts that I've personally enjoyed watching. So, I've picked these contracts, because they're ones that I like to trade. There's 8 of them here, and I've set them all to the date of March 1, 2002. So we're going to just start as if today is March 1, 2002, and I've got my last Tic, I've done my data download. We're going to go through the process of checking out these charts as if this is the first time I've seen them. I'm going to try to analyze them, use some of these tools that we've provided you with, to try to decide whether we should buy or sell. In 30 days let's find out if we've made any money. We're going to give it shot. We're going go through this thing, and see how we do.

The first thing we want to do is pull up our contract here and start looking at Corn. What we're seeing here, is a nice long downtrend in Corn. The first thing we want to ask ourselves is, do I see any trading opportunities here? You know, a nice long downtrend, it looks like, if I would have sold something up in this area. Maybe I would have been making some serious money, right now. But I didn't. I'm down here, this is where I'm at. What am I looking for, at this point?

Let's go onto Feeder Cattle. Feeder Cattle is another contract where it looks like it has come down, off of a pretty good high top, down and hit this bottom. It's made a nice little retracement level back here. Is there any activity going on in this area, that gives us any excitement and makes us want to trade this market? Do you see any opportunities here? You know, I don't know, do you see any opportunites?

Let's go on to Gold, there again everything here- this is we brought every contract at March 1st, so we're not jumping all over time. This is exactly everything that has happened, right as March 1, 2002. Do you see anything in Gold? What is Gold doing? It's kind of gone down into this little troth, and made kind of a nice rounded bottom here. But now we're up in these little peaks, and little pull back off of that peak. What are you expecting to see here? Is there any trading opportunities for you?

Let's go to Lean Hogs, Lean Hogs made this nice uptrend. It's beautiful, right up that nice uptrend. Had you bought down here, you would've made some serious money on that uptrend, but at this point what do you see? Anything that makes you excited and want to jump into Lean Hogs and risk some money?

Let's go on to Live Cattle, what do you think about Live Cattle? It's very similar to Feeder Cattle, it has come down off of this point, made it's retracement back. Anything there in Live Cattle that's getting you excited, that you want to trade?

What about Oats? Oats has been making this long treck up this hillside for a long time. Getting up there to that peak, look this little formation here, is that anything that excites you, and makes you want to trade it? What about this, does this formation back in here help you give any kind of a determining decision as to whether you want to, you know throw some money at Oats?

What about Silver- what do you see in Silver? Silver looks like there should be something happening. You have a nice uptrend, here, look how beautiful that thing was- almost perfect, picture perfect, right out of a catalog, or right out of the manual. Then we have a nice little retracement, just about a half or 50% of our last major move. But now it's kind of going sideways. What do you see here, anything excites you, anything makes you want to jump right in there to Sliver and start trading Silver?

How about Wheat- anything on Wheat? Wheat has been doing this little sideways bounce back and forth thing, going, kind of made a nice little long downtrend. Anything in Wheat that makes you excited about placing an order?

Well, we're going to go through this series, and we're going to analyze each one of these charts, and we're going to spend a little bit of time using all these different tools, and calculating off these different charts, and we're going to try to see if we can find some kind of trading opportunity in there, and see if we can't make a little bit of money over the next 30 days.

We're going to start off, this is day one, and we'll come back and start off with day 2. We're going to do a data download and we'll see you tomorrow.

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