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Day Six

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Okay, it's the next day, we're back, ready to go again! We're all excited, we've got our software, we had a good day at work. I wasn't too thrilled to go around and tell people I was down $400-$500 in the commodities market the first time I got in, you know? I got my 3 orders placed there and the market kicked back against me. A little disappointed in there but I feel good about what has happened, because I got 3 or 4 other orders placed.

I'm planning a few trades, here. I'm getting excited because I'm in the market. I'm ready to come home, and have my dinner and now I'm going to check my commodities. I need to first get my data download. Then we're going to come in here and start off with Corn, again. I had to wait an entire day to come in and see this one tic for corn. Let's see what it does for me... nothing exciting. It's kind of meandering there across it.

Let's go into Feeder Cattle. What's my Feeder Cattle going to do for me today? I'm anticipating this nice little head and shoulders, and I would really like to see, I would really like to see something. Actually I would rally like to see that right shoulder forming a little bit better, before this thing comes back down; but you know if it just dropped right through there, I would be pretty sad on it because I don't want to miss my opportunity on this one. But you know what? I want to see that right shoulder, but I don't want to miss my opportunity, so I'm going to come in and I'm going to place my order anyway. I'm going to set it in there on a break below that neckline.

Now, let's look over here- I always do that, I always think about how many I want to sell. I want to sell, there's one area that I could sell one at and another one, so there's 2. On this one, maybe I should just sell 2, I could sell 3, I feel good about it if it would form that right shoulder a little bit better. Let's just do 2, sell 2 on a Stop, and I'm going to- I want to liquidate 1 quickly to put money in my pocket. So I don't want it to have to pass through that. I don't want it to break through that little point, I just want it to come down and get close, and put it on the inside. I'm going to buy 1 back on a Market If Touched.

Let's do another one down here, I don't want it to have to break pass that again getting into the market, I want it to break passed support and resistance to getting out of the market, I don't. I want it to stay, make it easy for it to get me out of the market.

So buy 1 on a Market If Touched. That would get me out of the market. So that's going to be our plan. I'm going to risk back behind, if I feel I'm going to risk back behind this point here, or if I look at the Key, I can see about $1,000.00 back is where they say I should be. So I can run my Risk Dollar Calculator about $1,000.00, so that's about right. Look at that! That's about right where we would want to be if this was in the right spot here, I like that.

Then of course I can come down here and start telling my wife how much money we're going to make: $460.00 on the first one, and $2,290.00 on the second one. Boy, I'm ready to go to the bank right now to get a loan against this nice little head and shoulders and go buy my wife a new Ford pickup truck right now. How do you feel about that? Well, let's maybe we should wait a couple of days before we do that.

Alright, let's go on to- let's see, did we get our tic Corn on the 7th, 6th? Oh, we didn't get our tic. Let's advance and see what happens. Well, that's good anyway that's what we wanted happen. We wanted that shoulder to form a little bit better. I need to remember to get us our tics.

Okay, let's go on to Gold. Get our Tics, step- oh, look at that! Sell 2, we're making money in Gold. My Account, down 60 bucks. What the heck is going on here? Now I'm in the market with 2 contracts and I'm losing on both of them. Look at this, I'm down $1,800.00. I thought I was doing everything right. I analyzed my charts, I looked at all of my- I looked at my Indicators, my Indicators say it's right, it's coming down. I did my risk reward calculations, I did my little 123 top formations, everything right. I thought I did everything right. I did everything that Turner guy told me, why am I losing money? Well, because that's what happens in the Futures market. Sometimes you lose money.

It's open loss, it's open profit if -$1,883.00. I haven't closed any profit yet- it's kind of like your tax return, you didn't really lose it because you haven't really paid it yet. Not until the final date of April 15th, right?

Alright, we're down $1,800.00 in the Futures market, we've been trading for about 7 days now, and we've lost almost $2,000.00. Ugh, we're feeling bad about ourselves, but we're going to go on and look at our Lean Hogs contract.

This is one where we sell 3..we're losing money. My account is down $420.00 on this one. I was counting my new Ford truck and my new pickup, my new motorcycle and now I'm losing money, $1800.00.

Alright, let's go forward, let's step forward..oh, that market came back against me bad! Oh, my goodness, look at that- how come I'm down? Look at this, open profit total: $1,800.00. Open profit, I've lost $1,800.00 in this, oh, that was the $1,800.00 because our software calculates that for us, already. Okay, because we moved forward once. Our counting date is 3/7, that's why we calculated to the total loss, I see. So we're down $1,800.00, and we're just recognizing it now. That's how it works. That's our loss of $1,800.00. Okay, don't tell anybody, it's a secret.

Let's go back to Live Cattle. Step forward...Oh, Live Cattle is even pulling back further away from me. Making that little right shoulder for me, though. That's good, I like that. I just wish it would hurry up and come down and make me some money.

Oats, step that.. well, Oats is just dinging along.

Silver- eh, that's not really doing anything for me.

Wheat- oh, Wheat just made another big jump up there. What do I think about Wheat? I don't know. I'm feeling so bad about my $1,800.00 loss, I'm about ready to cry.

See you tomorrow.

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