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Day Ten

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Okay, we're back at it again, ready to trade. Came home from work, had dinner with the kids, wasn't really happy. It's been 2 weeks- my wife has been wondering why I've been moping around, because I'm not making any money in my commodities. I'm feeling kind of sick and tired of this; 2 weeks of not making any money. I thought I was doing all the right stuff. I'm still a little bit positive though, you know? I have to have a positive mental attitude! I'm looking at things, I've planned my trades, I'm trading my plan. I feel good about that side of things.

I just want the market to move in my direction. I'm so anxious! I just, I don't have much patience for this, you know? I just want the market to always move right in my direction immediately! It just really bugs me that it goes in my direction, and feels my order, then turns around and goes the opposite. So I'm really anxious for this market to give me some positive signs here. I need to go in and do my data download.

Alright, I have my data for the day. Let's sit down and let's see how we did. Look at my Corn contract, step.. eh, that Corn contract stepped back down. Maybe this is a 123, you know? It's kind of moving towards that direction.

Feeder Cattle- this is where I'm anxious to see something happen. Feeder Cattle, I have some orders ready to go on this one. This is my head and shoulders. I've planned this trade, come on, let's trade this plan! Step forward.. oh, I filled, Sell 2. Is that good for me? Open profit $430.00 I'm up, alright! That's good, I'm happy today! I feel good about that, okay! Although it went down and filled below where I got in with 2 contracts. Oh, I thought that was 3 at first, nope. That's 2, 2 contracts. Oh, I should have bought, or I should have sold 5 contracts. Yeah, I should have sold 5 contracts here, not just 2. You know, those are the things you start thinking.

That's alright, we're going to play, plan our trade, and trade our plan. Sell 2 on a Stop. We're okay with this one. We want to hit that Buy 1 market if touched. We're going to be just as happy as punch when that thing fills right there.

We're going to come in here, we're going to go on to Gold. Hit a Step, oh, that wasn't any good for us. It's just kind of, it didn't do anything more for us than yesterday, so we're about exactly the same as yesterday on that one.

Let's go on to our Lean Hogs. Step forward, oh, good job for me! Yes, buy 1 market if touched. Look at that, we went up, closed profit $230.00! Open profit -$96.00. Well, that means the market went down filled my buy 1 market if touched threw $230.00 into closed profit- that's in my pocket. Then turned around and went against me again. Well, good news, bad news. Good news, bad news.

Dropped down, though. That's a good sign. Because you know what? I've broken through that solid trendline, all the way across there. Now it's a hard thing for the market to do. It doesn't like to break through trendlines. It likes to follow trendlines. Now that it's broken through the trendline, that's a good sign for me. I'm expecting, I'm short in this market and it seems to be going short. So I'm happy. Plan my trade, trade my plan. That market has dropped down. I might want to move my Stop Loss in just a little bit. I might bring it down above this right shoulder now. I think that's okay to do.

I need to change it- Settings, I need to come in here and change that to 2, because I'm only- let's see I sold 3 bought 1, so I'm only short 2. So I better change my Stop Loss to 2. I'm ready to go onto the next contract.

On my Gold contract, short to Feeder contract. Did I get limited out on one? No, I'm still- okay, we're alright. Lean Hogs, I'm liking Hogs. I'm going to buy me some bacon, we're going to have bacon and eggs in the morning for breakfast!

Alright, here we go, Live Cattle- Oh, look at that! Nice move there in Live Cattle! That was a pretty wild move, that was a $640.00 move. It kind of makes me wish I were up here somewhere. But I'm going to stick with my plan, I want to break below this area of support, right here somewhere. When it breaks below that area, I'm going to be there with an order, and we're going to sell 3 and we're going to buy ourselves a motorcycle, and a new Ford pickup truck.

Okay, let's go on to Oats. Well, do I hear any voices out there? Anybody want to trade this little contract, yet? Step forward, want to place an order now? Below or break above this thing? Anybody think it's going to go up or go down? One way or the other? Who wants to place an order, can I see a raise of hands? Nope, nobody raised their hands. That's good, because we don't want to trade by a committee. Don't ever trade by committee. You are the one sole individual to make the decision. You decide.

Okay, let's go on to Silver. Step- oh, we're coming into some kind of a little triangle formation here that's not so bad looking, I hate this area, I don't like that, don't want to place an order yet, either. Might want to come in and do a little bit more analysis. Let's come in and draw a few better triangles on this thing. See, this is what I'm not liking. This thing, how are we- we have a triangle like this, see that? But I don't like this, and I don't like this, and I don't like that. It just doesn't respect that trendline. No respect, no respect of the trendline. If it doesn't respect the trendline, I can't respect it as a trendline. But it's kind of putting a little respect on it right there. Look at that, that's a nice little.. at least it's going up respectfully, it's just not coming down respectfully.

Let's go on to Wheat. What's Wheat doing for us? Meandering just above the over bought sold region..over sold over bought region... *over sold regions*, sorry.

123- I talk to myself a lot when I trade. That's okay, you have to talk to somebody.

Let's see, we need to advance our chart- step.. anything happening there for us? I don't think so.

Alright that's it! 1 tic per day. We're done with this day, let's go on the next one tomorrow!

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