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Day Twelve

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Okay, we're back, I'm here, I've got to go do my data download, getting my data. I had a good day at work today, you know, I was walking around the office, strutting around, yeah, I'm a commodities trader. I'm trading, I'm short Feeder Cattle, you know, I've been looking at my Stochastics, trying to tell me, whether, you know, it's overbought or oversold. Oh, yeah, I'm up, I'm making money.

You know, pretty proud of yourself after 14 days in the market, you know, you're making a.. well, you've made yourself a hefty $525.00 in closed profit. Hey, you have an open profit in there of $895.00 overall. You're pretty proud of yourself, you know, strutting around, you know, telling the ladies how smart you are to look at your Stochastics at the right time of day. I need to go home, check my Stochastics.

Let's go ahead and check our Stochastics. How are we doing on Corn today? Step forward, oh, we're still coming down in this meandering little time zone down here, Corn zone.

Go on to Feeder Cattle, step, How's Feeder Cattle doing? Oh, Feeder Cattle, how are we doing with Feeder Cattle? That's good, that came into our favor. Let's look and see. Open profit, $490.00, we're happy with that! Closed profit, $295.00 from that little contract we closed out. Open profit $490.00. Feeder Cattle is good, we're going to go out and have some steak tonight! Take the wife out!

Yup, yup, yup, feeling pretty saucy about ourselves now, because we're able to pull in. Look at this, we have an open profit of $2,000.00 and close profit of $1,500.00.

Let's go on to Gold. Step, oh, Gold went in our favor again, today. Hey, we even got an open profit of $20.00. We love Gold! I think I'll go down to the jeweler today, and have myself a ring made, or something.

Lean Hogs, how are we doing on Lean Hogs? Let's step that Lean Hogs forward, Oh, my goodness down there, it fills that buy (1) market if touched. We're happy today, look at this, open profit of $612.00, closed profit of $910.00. Boy, things are moving in our favor today. See, we're breaking below that nice little trendline, we're happy!

Okay, now, we've got some work to do. We need to do something to earn this money. We just made $900.00 in closed profit, and $600.00 in open profit. That's about $1,500.00. What do I have to do to earn that $1,500.00 back. Do I have to call my broker and I have to say, "Broker, (oops, I want to show the text) broker, I want to change those Settings to 1.” Okay, you did it, you did what it takes to earn the $1,500.00. Now, that was hard, wasn't it? Had to make a phone call.

Okay, because we're short 1, we have 1 on a stop. We might want to scoot that stop down, in case it retraces, we don't want to lose all of our profit. Let's maybe bring our stop in just above, see that little area, that little shelf area where those two tics came together. I'm going to put that right in there. Now, remember, we want to keep it back about $1,000.00 on this market from where the market is at. That looks good to me, nice distance back. Don't want to get too close, don't want to get stopped out before it drops all the way down here and hits my market if touched, because I know it's going to do that. I'm confident now, I was telling all the ladies in the office that I was going to make $1,800.00 in the next couple weeks, just trading commodities.

Okay, here we go! Now, we have to do is we need to come back here and go on the Live Cattle. Step...oh, nice move in the Live Cattle. Look at that, same scenario. Oh, my goodness.. I just realized my full service broker forgot to tell me to put my stop loss in yesterday. I sold 3 and I did it again. Well, I'm short 2 because I liquidated 1, so I only need to have 2 on a stop above that right shoulder.

My goodness sakes, I have a bad memory. Look at that, I sit there and tell you to do it, and then I don't even do it myself. Don't trade without stops!

Okay, here we go! Open profit $900.00. Good move! Closed profit, $370.00. Way to go! We threw $370.00 into our account, and we got closed profit, open profit of $900.00. Those other 2 contracts are working hard for us. Alright, we're happy! Boy, we're motating here.

Now, that contract is back there about $960.00. That's our risk area, and our key says we should be back about $810.00. So, we're back about the right distance, we're doing good. Okay, we're happy!

Live Cattle.. anything we're missing here? Want to look at it one more time? What does our Stochastics say? Oh, Stochastics says we're coming down! That's just what we want to see!

Alright, let's go on to Oats. Anybody want to place an order in Oats? Alright, I got a phone call last night. They said, "Put an order in Oats, good heaven sakes, quit your messing around with this Oats contract." So, I'm going to sell 1 and I'm going to buy 1 right above there. Okay, that's a little close, let's break the trend. Okay, It has to break to get up, it's going to break the trend to get down. Wait a second, that's cheating; I haven't advanced one day yet. That's alright, we're still okay, I didn't cheat too badly.

Alright, buy on a break up, goes up, sell on break down, goes down. That's the way the market works.

Okay, let's go to Silver, anything in here? Anybody want to do anything in Silver, yet? Sell a break below that trendline right there? I'm not anxious to do that. Let's step that market forward, oh, had we done so, we would have been in the market short. Okay, remember that, we would've been in the market, if we would've done what we just said. We can't find out if it would have been a good idea, or a bad idea until tomorrow. That's the way the game works, one tic per day.

Wheat, step.. oh, look at that! What are we looking at here? I'm going to kill that little 1, 2, 3, formation. I'm going to take a look, I'm going to go out on a limb here, and I'm going to say that's a left shoulder, that's a neckline, that's a head, we're forming ourselves another perfect little neckline there. Oops! And there, we're looking for our right shoulder formation to come back on. Does that look about right? Maybe one more up, and right about there. Let's move all these, kind of a perfectionist, I like to have them in the right spots. Okay, I'm looking for a little head and shoulders right here.

Look at that, we have head and shoulders here, head and shoulders here, head and shoulders here. Why not? Why not? I can easily be another little head and shoulders right there. Alright, but we won't find out until tomorrow, because we don't get another tic until tomorrow.

Okay, see you tomorrow. Don't call me tonight!

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