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Historical Simulator Plug-in

Day Twenty Five

Video Transcript

Okay, we're back! We need to do our data download, go get the data. Okay, we have our data. Next day, we're sitting in our big lazy chair that we just bought from profits from our Lean Hogs. I had that thing delivered in front of my big screen TV. Didn't pick up my motorcycle, I decided I better wait on that. Went down, looked at the Ford, took it for a test drive.

I have to look at my Live Cattle contracts, though, see if I'm able to make the payments on that big Ford. Step..oh, beautiful drop! Open profit $1,342.14. So closed profit $1,480.00, $1,342.00 on open profit. That was a nice drop in my favor. Beautiful, beautiful thing, beautiful thing.

Okay, that's it, we have to wait for tomorrow for the next one. One tic, one day.

Boy, I wish I could see into the future. But I can't.

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