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Historical Simulator Plug-in

Day Twenty One

Video Transcript

Alright, here we go! It's the 27th, March 27th, we're ready to go forward one more time. Step forward.. oh, another drop in Wheat. You know what, if we would have a month ago, sold, we would've been in this market for a whole month and we would have made a whopping $125.00. Wow!

Feeder Cattle- step.. another nice little drop in Feeder Cattle, it's coming towards my market if touched, if I could just get that market if touched, I'd be so happy! What am I going to do? I'm going to move my stop loss in, I should really move it in below this, right in there, shouldn't I? Should I do that? I like to pull them in tight, you know? I have a bad tendency to do that. We'll put it back there, right where I got a buy (1) market if touched.

Short (1). Playing with other peoples money. $1,500.00 in open profit, makes me nervous, makes me nervous. I don't want it to come back against me, and take me out. I want it to hit that stop, so much. I want it to hit that hit that thing so much, right there. I'm going to bring it in, right there. Alright, you can agonize with me.

Gold- step..oh, Gold.. I want Gold to hit that sell (1) market if touched and get me out of this market. I'm sick of this Gold market. Get me out! Move my stop up there.

Lean Hogs- step..oh, am I the King or what? Buy (1) market if touched, I'm out of the market. $3,210.00 in closed profit. That's the way to trade the Lean Hogs market. Now, you know why I've been eating bacon for breakfast every morning.

Alright, alright, Commodities, Live Cattle- step.. eh, it just went sideways.

Silver- step.. oh, look what happened in Silver! That can no longer be a right shoulder. A right shoulder can't be higher than the head. That would be a violation of the head and shoulders. Therefore, this entire market is history. Let's get rid of all these things. That's what you do when it violates.. bad, bad market. Did not make me any money.

Okay, Wheat- step...oh, that is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life! Knock me out with a sell stop and drop back down. Wow, you'd think I had that planned, wouldn't you? I didn't really! That was a nice move, what did we do here? We're not in the market, close profit, $562.50. Wow, that was amazing!

Okay, that was beautiful, that was absolutely beautiful. Okay, that's it for the day!

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