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Historical Simulator Plug-in

Day Twenty Seven

Video Transcript

Okay, here we are, ready to go at it again. Next day, we have to do our data download. Okay, we got our data.

Let's advance that tic and see what happens. Oh, beautiful drop! Beautiful drop, wonderful! What did that do for us? Open profit $2,244.00, short 2. I need to change my stop loss. First of all, let's change that to 2 in case that comes back on me.

I need to consider where I'm going to put my stop loss now. This is the hard part, I tell you what- this is the hardest part of trading, right here. Knowing where to put that stop loss.

It's easy to tell you where to get into the market, it's hard telling you where to get out of the market.

That's my 50% level. Let's look at my Fibonacci Ruler. Let's play the Fibonacci. Let's come back on the 38%.

Okay, that's it! We wait for tomorrow. One tic, one day!

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