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Historical Simulator Plug-in

Day Twenty Two

Video Transcript

Okay, here we go, one more day. We're scaling this thing down, we only have a couple contracts left.

This Corn contract isn't doing us much good, so I'm going to get that out of our way.

We have Feeder Cattle working for us, making some money in Feeder Cattle.

Gold is working for us, we're making some money in Gold.

Live Cattle is working for us.

Silver is not working for us. Followed that Silver market and tried and tried to do something in there, but it didn't do anything for us.

So we have here a nice little Gold contract happening. Little Feeder Cattle contract happening. Let's advance these things today and see what happens. See if we can't tie some of these orders together. Oh, there we go Feeder Cattle. Got stopped out on a buy (1), got me out of the market- retracement.

Okay, $1,195.00, you have to feel good about that! You know, you have to feel good about that. That was a nice little trade. We dropped down out of that little right shoulder on that head and shoulders on the Feeder Cattle here. Pulled some quick profits there, with the first one. Waited quite a bit, it went down. You know, then we caught back on our retracement. That's a nice little trade, a nice little trade. We're out of the Feeder Cattle market though. Let's clean up our mess here. Now, we have to remember we need to get rid of these open orders.

Delete that, you don't want to have that happen to you, you don't want that thing left open.

Okay, let's go on, back to our commodities. Let's see, Feeder Cattle, we're done with you. Delete the chart, yes.

Okay, My Account: closed profit $350.00, minus open profit $820.00. So we've recouped our money, we just have to capture that last order, and close out this Gold contract and call it a day on the Gold, too.

Let's step that forward- no, it didn't close us out today. It might come back down and lose our money and hit that sell stop. Do I want to pull it in tighter? I have that option. Maybe I want to do that right now, if it comes back down all the way back down here, I'm losing.. See, I'm trying to capture no losses 350.00. If I come in here to this point, 450.00, that would do it. That would do it, if it came back down, I'm going to put that right there on the, right below that little point of resistance. About right on the- right below where it closed yesterday.

If it drops down, at least I'll break even on this whole order, and I'll have myself cleaned up. If I go up, I make myself about $800.00.. or $1,000.00. I sure hope it goes up, but, I want to protect myself against it coming down.

I hate it when I turn a winner into a loser. I just hate that.

Try never to turn a winner into a loser.

Alright, let's go onto Live Cattle, and see how we're doing here. Step.. oh, look at it come back against us hard here. It's coming back against us. Alright, plan our trade, and trade our plan.

Okay, we're going to shut this baby down. See you tomorrow.

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