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Historical Simulator Plug-in

Day Twenty

Video Transcript

Okay, we're back! Next day, next tic. Let's do our data download. Alright, we have our data.

We're back, checking out our Corn contract- step forward, Corn isn't doing anything.

Feeder Cattle- now, we have some excitement happening in Feeder Cattle. Step..and it's just going a little bit sideways.

Gold- step.. nice in Gold! Sell (1) market if touched, beautiful sell in Gold. We are coming back on Gold, we still have closed profit on a $350.00 loss. Open profit of $780.00. Well, we've covered ourselves in Gold, see that little reversal thing? That did good for us, that was a good move this time. Do I want to move my stop loss order? I need to decide. I think I do, I think I'm going to pull this stop loss order, in up above, just below that area of support, right there. Now, here again, I might have pulled it in too close. You know, I have a tendency to do that. Why do I do that? I pull it in close, you know, I get nervous, a little fear and greed. I don't want to lose the money.

I don't know, what is it going to profit me if it turns around and comes back on me. First of all, I need to change that setting, don't I? That's why I need a full service broker. I don't know about you, that's why I need a full service broker. My broker helps me with that, she says, "Are you sure you want to do that, you want to leave open 2 stops when you're only 1 long? You want to reverse your position again on this, is that what you want to do?" She asks me questions.

So, let's see, do I want to pull it in that tight, is the question. I'm going to put it right at the entry point, at least, anyway. That way, if it does come against me, I'm getting out at the same spot I got in. Alright, I'm happy with that.

Let's go onto Lean Hogs- Hogs are dropping, Hogs are dropping, I'm loving Hogs. We only have just a few more spaces, just give me $430.00 and I'm out of Hogs. $430.00, I'm done with Hogs.

Live Cattle- step..oh, Live Cattle is coming back on me a little. That's alright, it closed down, I didn't lose too much money today. It moved against me, but then it closed down again.

Silver- okay, we're looking for Silver to drop out of this. It's not going to do it, not today. Not today..

Move it right up that line.

Wheat- Wheat is going to make us some money today. Yes! Wheat is making money! Oh, what a beautiful move in Wheat. Look at that, I'm loving that! $337.50 in open profit. You have to love those head and shoulders. $87.50 in closed profit. You know, you can't complain against that. I know, I should have moved you a little higher, maybe up in here. I would have locked in a little more profit, but you were there with me. You know why I did what I did. It's okay, I'm happy with an $87.50 market.

Alright, that's it for the day!

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