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The Accounting Tab

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to cover the Accounting Tab. The Accounting Tab is where we enter our trade information when tracking our live market trades, or performing trade simulation.

Remember: In the current Stock version of Track 'n Trade, any order placed here, is for tracking your live portfolio, or for trade simulation only.

This feature allows us to not only track our current live portfolio, but it also allows us to perform historical trade simulation, if we so choose. Giving us the ability to practice our trading skills through a historical trade simulator.

We cover historical trade simulation, in depth, in another video.

First thing you notice is the tic by tic quote window, displaying streaming tic data across your screen. Also, if you look close at the last bar of the chart, you’ll notice that it is moving up and down with the market action. Remember, Track ‘n Trade Stocks data is 20 minutes delayed.

Next, we have the Order Placement Box.

This is where we place the order to either track our live money trades, or alternatively, place our simulated trades.

Let’s say for example, that you purchased some stock through your Internet broker, and you wanted to track that purchase with Track ‘n Trade.

Simply enter the number of stock shares you purchased here, click place, and Track 'n Trade will track your profits and losses in its accounting window, down here.

Moving down the control panel, the next thing you notice is the key information for the individual stock. This is where you find information such as Name, Symbol, Exchange, and other pertinent information

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