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The Charts Tab

Video Transcript

In this video, we want to cover the Charts Tab. The Charts Tab is where you'll see a list of the Stocks symbols you have open in your current chart book. Adding new symbols to the chart book is as simple as coming up to the symbol dialogue box, and typing in your new symbol.

Also notice, that we remember the symbols you previously searched for in this drop down list, making it easy to find an open previous selections.

For example: we may want caterpillar. We know that the symbol for caterpillar is CAT. So, we type in CAT, click Open and that adds the new chart to our chart book list.

We can also search for the symbols we don’t know, let’s say we don't know the symbol for Apple.

All we have to do is type Apple in the symbol search box, click open chart, and Track ‘n Trade pops up a box with possible symbols that match your typed entry.

We are looking for Apple Inc. listed right here, traded on the Nasdaq, so we click to select, click OK, and Track ‘n Trade opens the Apple chart, and ads it to our chart book list.

You’ll notice, if we slide the chart book column even wider, it provides several additional columns of information.

First, we see the symbol itself, second, the associated company name, the current trading price per share, whether the stock is up or down on the day, and by what percentage, whether the overall trend of the market is bullish or bearish, your current position in the market, which you can add yourself of course, and then what exchange the stock is traded on.

We have several methods of switching between charts, first, simply click on the stock symbol that you’re interested in, and, as you can see, the screen switches to that chart.

You can also rotate through the stock list, by clicking the up and down arrows on your keyboard, or third, you can click the chart banner, which will rotate through the charts individually

Alternatively, you can click the cascade button, in the upper right hand corner of your chart, which allows you to see all the charts in your chartbook simultaneously.

Now let’s say we no longer want Facebook in our charts list. Just right click on the name in the list, and select delete.

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